Now on Gumroad and Lulu!

Hey, everybody. Having been banned by Amazon, I am not putting my books on Gumroad and, to a lesser extent, Lulu. I am currently working on uploading the material beginning with the book that got me banned, Thor: Skater Girl, as well as the entire Ex-Husband Magazine series, with more re-releases every day. For now, these will be the places where you can find my work for purchase. You can also receive access to these works as well as exclusive early access to all my new comics, stories and caps by joining my Patreon. Keep on rocking! Links below:

7 thoughts on “Now on Gumroad and Lulu!

  1. How can you get banned for something like thor skater girl why it’s not dirty at all. we’re do I sign the petition to get you back on Amazon they should have asked you to take the book off before having you in your books from Amazon I have some books on Kindle unlimited that I want to buy and I want to buy more on Amazon please tell me there’s a petition I can sign to get you back on Amazon?

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    1. Hey, Joseph– no petition, and I doubt it would do any good. I share your mystification at Thor getting me banned. All they kept telling me through a series of robo emails was that the book contained “misleading content.” Even my appeal just brought back the same form email. I am going to try one more time to get reinstated, so maybe it will happen. Otherwise, I just have to go with other platforms.


  2. Oddly enough, they still have you up on your author page, including one (just one) of your books — and this very post!


      1. I have two Kindle books on Kindle unlimited I’m not sure if I can buy them or not from Kindle unlimited but I really really want you back on Amazon is there anything I can do or say to them to get you back?

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      2. I really don’t know. They’ve responded to my appeals with robo form letters. I am going to try to call them tomorrow and see if I can talk to a real person. I do appreciate your support and concern. Let’s hope for the best!


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