Fuss! New to my Patreon!

Now available on my Patreon, the first installment of a brand new story, Fuss! In Fuss, Nick hears a couple female co-workers complaining about getting their hair done, and he makes a smart aleck comment. Samantha wishes he knew what women went through, and soon Nick’s life begins to change! It’s a slow change, physical and mental transformation that does involve a few trips to a mysterious salon! Get access to this story and more for as little as $3 per month!


Happy Valentines! And, Upcoming Release!

Stone Cameron. MMA Fighter, man’s man, Alpha Male. Now, feels like a swimsuit model.

Coming in March 2022, my new Premium TG Comic will feature the above all around man’s man Stone Cameron. Well, he used to be a man’s man. These days he’s getting used to backaches and thongs after slowly transforming into a woman. The comic follows Stone’s transformation and his experiences living as a woman, and I will say it is one of the my better stories, just enhanced with a whole bunch of awesome pics. This is an R-rated, Mature Audiences (18+) only story, as Stone will experience everything a woman might. I will be releasing it 20 pages per week. Come join my Patreon for exclusive access to illustrated stories, fiction and comics!


Grimmlord 2 Now Available!

Grimmlord 2 by [T.G. Cooper]

He once struck fear into the criminals of New Amsterdam, but the Grimmlord finds himself transformed into a woman and renamed Danger Kitty. Now trapped as a cutesy crime fighting vixen, he seeks to discover who changed him and why. And It might be a little easier to do so if every man he knew wasn’t constantly hitting on him!

PG13. Contains some fade to black sex.

Yes, dear reader. The fabulous second issue is now available!


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My First Illustrated eBook!

Greg has nice legs, wouldn’t you agree?

I am so excited! On Wednesday, February 9th I release my first ever self illustrated eBook! It will be exclusively on my Patreon for a time, and Five Fantasies includes over 20 original and exclusive images created by yours truly!

Creating an illustrated eBook has been a goal of mine for years. I just kept talking myself out of it– too expensive, too hard. Well, I finally just took the plunge, investing in a new computer, buying the software and then just digging in and learning how to make it work.

And, here I am. I did it!

Created for Mature Audiences, Five Fantasies tells the story of a young couple who’ve been together for a little over a year. Things have cooled down, and they are both starting to wonder where the relationship is going. That’s when Sunni decides to take a risk. You see, she has a fantasy and she’s not sure how her partner, Greg, will take it.

Sunni has always wondered what it would like to be the guy, and she’s even been fantasizing about what Greg would be like as a girl. So, she tells Greg she would like their next vacation to be in a fully immersive Virtual Reality. And, oh, by the way, she wants the full Girlfriend Experience– for him.

That’s all I want to say for now so as to avoid spoilers, but I would love to see you over on Patreon! If that’s not something you want to swing right now, Five Fantasies will eventually be released on Amazon, Lulu and other content delivery systems!

Click Here to check out my Patreon, which also includes plenty of other stories and pics! Here’s a free shot of Greg in his girl form. Wouldn’t you like to meet him (or be him)?

Greg seems a little upset. Did I tell him I was making a G-Rated version of the story? Oops!