Gender Role Reversal Now on Amazon

It’s seems there are fewer gender bending movies and shows coming out lately, so I am always super excited when I discover something new. And new s what I have for you in the form of a TV series from India called “Man’s World.”

Set in contemporary times, the story follows Kiran, who believes that life in modern times has become unfair to men. He thinks that, thanks to the progress women have made, men now have it worse. He makes a wish one day that men and women could trade places. He wakes to find himself in a world very much like our own, but where, just as he wished, the roles of men and women have been reversed.

Naturally, he discovers being a member of what is now viewed as the “weaker sex” not as awesome as he imagined, and he experiences all of the things women have to put up with on a regular basis, from being cat called and ogled, to facing sexism at work. Oh, and there is one big biological switch. In this world, men have periods, and they are ones who have babies as well.

It would classify it as a dramedy, and each episode ends with heartfelt pleas for equality. And, there are some issues that may be surprising to audiences from some other cultures. When Kiran has a boy, for example, there is a great deal of disappointment, as boys are considered of so much less worth.

It’s currenly free if you have Amazon Prime: