New TG Comic: Kiss, Kiss. Kill, Kill.

Bennie Brass has had good days and bad days. Then, he had the day he woke up to discover he’d been turned into a woman. Now, he’s got to find a missing book, figure out who trapped him this dame’s body and try not to get killed while doing it. Kiss, Kiss. Kill, Kill: A cyber-noir adventure.

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Brother Bewitched Continues

Scene from Brother Bewitched Chapter14

My graphic novel adaption of Brother Bewitched continues as the palace comes under siege and Serren is humiliated to find himself in a safe room with the women and children while the men fight. I have 14 chapters posted totally over 280 pages of original art. The story hews closely to the novel, but there are a few variations. Join my patreon today for as little as $6 to receive access to all 14 chapters plus more TG Comics, stories and captions.

Oh, heck, here’s another shot from the latest chapter:

Review: Born to Be Human (Spoilers)

In the first 10 minutes of Born to Be Human, the protagonist Yang Shi-nan pleasures himself to the sight of a naked woman, suffers PMS and has his first period. Written and directed by Lily Ni, the film explores what happens when, without his knowledge or input, Yang’s parents choose to have him undergo gender-reassignment surgery to remove his male organs and make him female.

Ni’s cinematography resides firmly in the world of body horror, though what Yang experiences is much more gender role horror. Prior to his surgery, Yang identified firmly as a cis male, his primary hobbies being violent video games and obsessing over pornography. After his surgery, his parents, seeming to mean well, torture him by trying to “help” him identify as female: his room is all pinks and plush animals, and for his birthday he is gifted a princess cake and a doll.

I found this movie moving, but also unsettling in the realism of the character’s struggles. The abuse he suffers as someone who is non-binary are all too real for many. Highly recommended.

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Now on Patreon. Cramps!

Now on my Patreon, Cramps! Featuring the very first appearance of Tatiana the Fixer, Cramps is a slow change forced feminization where the main character is changed from the inside out, starting with a womb and monthly visits from Aunt Flo. It’s a huge blow to his male ego when he realizes he’s going to need to borrow his wife’s feminine protection and worry constantly about a leak.

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Captain Kirk Gender Swap 15

Spock recues our damsel in distress: Captain James T. Kirk!

The latest chapter in my long-running TG Star Trek TOS fan fiction is now available on my Patreon. If you are not familiar with the story, it follows the adventures of Captain Kirk after a transporter accident leaves him trapped in the body of a gorgeous young blonde woman. In the latest chapter, Kirk goes clubbing with Janice Rand while remembering how Spock once saved him from his life as a pleasure girl.

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Fuss! Illustrated.

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Now: Brother Bewitched Chapter 11

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Seduction Now Complete

For years, Super Spy Buck West has tried to bring down his greatest enemy, international criminal mastermind Deign Warren. In his zeal to capture his enemy, he agrees to body swap with Warren’s girlfriend, the super model Coventry Lace and go undercover. He thought he was ready for anything, but he wasn’t ready to fall in love.

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Brother Bewitched 10

A TG Comic. Serren, now a pretty blonde, and his former fiancé re-asses their relationship while making plans to re-claim their kingdom. Chapter 10 now on Patreon. Receive exclusive early access to this chapter plus the previous 10 chapters as well as more TG Comics, stories and captions for only $6 per month. Over 200+ pages of original illustrations!

TG Romance. TG Erotica. TG Fantasy. 

Masculinity 2033 Now on sale!

The Hive have conquered the Earth, and this matriarchal species has promised Total Equality between the sexes. Soon, men find themselves compelled to wear makeup and dresses, even as they become small and weak. How will our hero adapt to being a pretty little boy in a big, strong woman’s world? Find out! Free sample available!

200 pages! 40+ original illustrations! Femdom. Cross-dressing. Slow change.