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Brother Bewitched plunges the reader into a sultry world of nightmare pleasures!

A PunkBerry Award Winning Novel— YA fiction for people who hate YA Fiction.

Readers say, “Strong Storyline” and “Great Characters!”

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Crown Prince Serren lives to drink, smoke and bed women. His sister, Pattenia, longs to rule, but by law the crown passes to the eldest male heir. Pattenia seems doomed to live in her little brother’s shadow, until a strange new girl appears and offers her a choice: “Take what you want. Bewitch your brother, turn him into a girl, and declare yourself ruler of The Shattered Isles.”

Will Pattenia strip her brother of his sex, his name and his crown?

What does it mean to be boy? A girl? Brother Bewitched explores all this and more in a fantasy world setting full of booze, sex and drugs. Plus, battles and wizards and gods.

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US  UK  Germany France Italy Spain   Netherlands  Japan Brazil Canada Australia

Mexico  India


Available for pre-order! Special Price!

Arianna (Spoilers)

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Part mystery, part coming of age story, Arianna explores a life changing summer in the life of an Italian girl as she discovers secret truths about herself long hidden by her parents.

Why, for example, does her body seem to be developing so much more slowly than those of other girls her age?   Why has she never had her period?  Tortured by her feelings of otherness, eager to have a boyfriend and experience life, sensing that there is something her parents are hiding from her. she starts to search for answers.   Meanwhile, strange memories triggered by a return to a lake house in the country her family has not visited since she was a small child lead her toward the secret.

I am writing about this movie, so you probably can guess the secret by that fact alone– Arianna was born a boy, or more precisely a hermaphrodite, and her parents elected to have surgery performed to remove her male parts.  They then decided to keep this a secret from her, but they could not change her psyche and she finds herself dwelling in a kind of middle ground between genders eschewing feminine clothes, climbing trees, yet longing for a boyfriend and to experience sex.

The film is beautifully shot, and the actors all deliver compelling performances.   It does feature European art-film pacing, though, so you will need both patience and focus to truly experience the film and let it wash over and affect you.   I found it extremely moving, and will certainly watch it again.

It is currently available in the US on Hulu and Amazon, and here is the trailer.



Arianna (Spoilers)

My Day with Miss Vera

“Do you want to go out?”   Miss Vera asked me on the phone.

“You mean as in outside?”


I sat there in silence, struggling with the question.  I had never gone out.  So I said, “I don’t think so.  I just want to have the experience in your school and maybe I will go out next time.”

“Okay,” Miss Vera said, adding something very gentle about me maybe changing my mind.

I struggled sleeping the night before my day.   I did not feel fear, or shame, but pure excitement.  Somehow, this had all just opened up in me, and I found myself ready for the experience.  Some part of  me felt that I was about to get some answers for questions that had bothered me my whole life, especially the one that goes like this:  what the hell am I?

Arriving at Miss Vera’s building, the doorman greeted me, and I told him I was there to see Veronica Vera.   He sent me up, and as I got on the elevator the mirrors were all draped with thick clothes, which I found odd, but when I got off on her floor there were mirrors, and I saw myself looking bright and excited in my boy form.   The hall was dark and brown and tan, but as soon as Miss Vera let me into her school I found myself in a world of pinks with opera music playing lightly in the background, Miss Vera greeting me with a smile, calling me by my femme name, Taylor.

Miss Vera has a calm and accepting spiritual essence that invites trust, and once we  performed the commitment ceremony, I immediately got en femme, with gaff, bra, panties and a breast forms, plus a dressing gown and slippers.  I walked out nervously to the room where Miss Vera and her deans, Miss Bridie, dean of cosmetology, and Miss Veronica, Dean of High Heels waited.

This was probably the most nervous I felt the whole day, as I felt chubby and old– and hairy.  But the women were all super nice and supportive, and they got me right into the make-up chair where Dean Bridie went to work, explaining some of the techniques she used as she went along, while Miss Veronica worked on my nails.  I got a few glimpses of myself as we went along, watching nervously as we progressed thinking, I hope I don’t look ugly!

Okay.  There.  I did have some fear before heading in, but not the fear I had lived with my whole life of doing what I was about to do, but the fear that I would look terrible. Once she was finished– and it took a while–  I got a good look at myself, and I was– surprised and relieved.

“You did an amazing job!”  I said to Miss Bridie.  “I can’t even believe it.”   The ladies all complimented me, and I admitted my big fear about looking terrible, to which I heard a response which would be common throughout the day.  “A lot of the girls who come here feel that way.”

One thing I learned from this experience: I am not alone in my feelings and interests and fears when it comes to gender.

The make-up was awesome, and then came the wigs.  First they put me in a wig I brought, and then the girls started to pick out different wigs, and I got to see myself with different looks and hair colors and styles.  It was a lot of fun– the whole day was fun– and we talked about who I looked like and what types– country singer!  Miss Bridie would call out, and then the next wig, “Suburban Housewife” and then the next, “someone sophisticated, a politician running for office.”  Each time we took pictures and I got up and looked at myself from different angles, and we talked about the personas and I enjoyed seeing and imagining different aspects of myself.

I ended up sticking with a dark brunette-red wig, in part because they all seemed to love it, but also because something about the look resonated with me.

Then came dresses and posing, and training in heels.  Miss Veronica called me Miss Taylor the whole time, and proved herself a nurturing, patient and skilled teacher.  We worked on posture and the walk, arm swinging, turning and sitting– and both she and Miss Vera gushed with praise for how quickly I picked it up and how well I walked.  “Have you been practicing?”  Miss Vera asked.

I had walked around for only a brief time in heels at my place because I was worried I would practice wrong, so it seemed I was a natural, but my insecurities ate at me and I finally asked, “Do you say this to everyone?”

They assured me their praise was sincere, and I am sure it was, just as I feel all their praise was sincere.  Why?  Because one of the things Miss Vera mentioned to me when I told her I felt fat was that we should all work on accepting ourselves as we are, which I believe she truly believes, and therefore she can of course see any person as their beautiful self because she is not judging them against any external ideal.  I had worked for years to accept myself, and I just now realized hearing her repeat the phrase that I had a long way to go in terms of accepting my female self.

Finally, after some changes and photo shoots and an adventure where one of the hooks on my corset got stuck and I had to lay on the couch while Miss Veronica knelt on me and tried to pry it open, Miss Vera asked if maybe I wanted to go out.

“Yes,” I said, because it felt right, and I knew if I didn’t I would regret it.  And so Miss Veronica, Miss Vera, and Miss Taylor walked out into a gorgeous summer evening in New York City, and we went to a little bakery and shared a piece of amazing chocolate cake, and chatted and then we walked back, and I took several selfies because I was so sad to wash off that face!

After the bra and breast forms, the panties and the dressing down, the make-up and the wigs, the high heel and voice training, after all that, what one word best captures the emotional essence of the experience I had at Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls?


I think that word captures the experience best.   I went to Miss Vera’s with a certain sense that the experience might answer a lot of questions for me.  It did, but not in the way I expected.   My first visit to Miss Vera’s was not the end of a journey as I thought it might be, but the beginning because while Miss Vera and her amazing deans did clarify some things for me, they also just got me ready to put one heel in front of the other and strut on out the door to keep growing and learning and becoming.


Thanks to Miss Vera, Miss Bridie, Miss Veronica and Miss Judy!  You are all amazing!  Total love and thanks!

My Day with Miss Vera

New Book Up! Jack Danger!



Put a new book up on Amazon this week–  Jack Danger, time agent.   Jack prides himself on being unstoppable, on doing whatever it takes to complete a mission.   But what happens when he jumps into the body of a young stripper, and “whatever it takes” suddenly includes doing some things in positions he never really considered as a man?

As always, I like to play with ideas of masculinity,  as my hero struggles to adapt to life as a woman, even while trying to “be a man.”   This is an R-rated story featuring some grinding along with the action and adventure, and it also had a female to male body swap, as Jack Danger’s partner, Marybeth, finds herself in the body of a tall, handsome man who has some very strong feelings toward the sexy little woman Jack has become.

















New Book Up! Jack Danger!

Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys

Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls: Tips, Tales, & Teachings from the Dean of the World's First Cross-Dressing Academy by [Vera, Veronica]

Imagine a school where men go to learn all about doing their make-up from a professional cosmetologist.  Where they take classes on walking in heels, female voice and even ballet, where the teacher requires them to wear leotards and tights.

It sounds like something from Sandy Thomas Books, but Miss Vera is a very real person who runs a very real finishing school for boys right in NYC.

Why am I writing about it now, you ask?

Thank you for asking.

Because having just discovered this amazing school, I have enrolled and will be experiencing the Miracle Miss program in just a few days.  In addition to a full make-over– wig, make-up, clothes and heels, I will take classes in walking in heels and female voice.   Five hours of total immersion!

Miss Vera, if you have not heard of her, is a remarkable person who has written several books about what she does and who has been on the cutting edge of gender fluidity for many years.

Her academy includes Miss Vera, herself, as well as a variety of deans who all provide expertise in their areas or make-up, heels, wigs and other skills.

How good are these teachers, you ask?

Thank you for asking!

They are so good that as word spread about these classes, many women started inquiring on how they could sign up to learn to be more feminine!

I can’t say much more, of course, since I have  yet to have the experience, but I will be posting a full report on this amazing place at the end of the week.   In the meantime, if you are curious check out the website!

Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls

I’ll fill you in on all the secrets when I get back!

Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys

Thanks and more!



Thanks, everyone, who responded to my call for readers.  I am so blessed and lucky to have so many awesome people willing to be a part of my dream!   The book will be better for your generous efforts!

I have enough, though, so I am closing that down for now.  If you see the post, don’t be offended if you ask and I say no.   At some point, too much feedback will just overwhelm me.

Now, today, I thought I would share some of the lesser works that make up my writerly DNA.  First up, Passion of a New Eve, by Angela Carter.  A book I first stumbled upon in a university library 25 years ago, Passion of a New Eve tells the tale of a young man, Evelyn, who is captured by a feminist radical and given a sex-change.

It stands out for me and has always stood out for several reasons.   First, the description of him when he first looks at himself in a mirror and examines his female shape and face, is exquisite.  He finds he has been turned into a Playboy bunny, and it is shocking to him to see himself as the embodiment of male fantasy.

In addition, he is subjected to a great deal of brain washing intended to make him think and feel like a woman, to fill his brain with feminine and maternal impulses.

Now, that may all sound like a lot of books out there, but the mental conditioning stuff was rare back then, and  especially interesting to me then and now because the author was a woman and a feminist.  Her notion of how to brainwash a man and make him more her, therefore, is very different from the typical male description, when there even is one, and so I have always found it particularly interesting.

Further, once Eve goes out into the world, she experiences men in all their forms, and there is a lot of exploration of her life and how it has all changed.   Now, I will say, this is one of those books where as you read on it seems more and more a book about a woman, and less a book about a man trapped as a woman, but that also makes sense in the context of the story.

Another work that informs my writing but which comes from the world of academic was a book called Sexchanges, the second volume from Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.  Academic scholars with an interest in gender and politics, the authors look at many works from the 20th Century that deal with gender and the way these works challenged or reacted to the events of the century.   At the time I read it, right around the same time as I read Passion I had done very little thinking about the difference between biological sex and gender identity.

Both of these works opened up for me the understanding that identity and biological sex were not one and the same, and that what goes on in our heads and hearts isn’t always in line with what were told is supposed to go on in those places based on our birth sex.

Or, as the Kinks sang so many years ago:  Boys will be girls and girls will be boys.

I can say with certainty that I woudn’t write what I write the way I write it if it weren’t for these two important works.   Check them out!

Thanks and more!