Your Name (spoilers)

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Based on the novel by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name finally came to my local theater after raking up over 300,000,000 dollars at box offices around the world.   The story centers around two teen-agers, a city boy and a country girl, who begin to swap bodies during the night.

The characters do not, initially, know each other, but as they spend time in each other’s bodies and living each other’s lives, they naturally start to get an understanding of each other, communicating by leaving journal entries, and their lives become intertwined as they bicker, commiserate and become inter-twined with each other’s friends and families.

What emerges is a unique and tearful love story with a bunch of plot twists and reversals that challenge the characters and make the audience suffer as we wait to see how, if ever, these characters will get together.

I found Your Name to be one of the most beautiful animated films I have ever seen, including numerous still shots that inform and fill out the world of these characters, as well as stunning scenes of natural beauty.

Despite my warning, I don’t want to reveal much of the plot of the movie.  I will say this is a film that does not spend a lot of time exploring gender.   Aside from one or two moments, especially when they first wake in bodies of the opposite sex, each character just adapts to the life of the body that they wear.   There is a fascinating story line about the girl’s town that is gradually revealed as the story progresses, and a kind of hazy magic to the proceedings, as we discover that in the girl’s town, body swapping is not all that unusual, and it is taken as a matter of course.

I loved every minute of this film, and I will be buying it on DVD to watch again and again.  It is a very moving and traditional story about love, with very non-traditional sci- fi flurishes.

Bring the tissues!

Your Name (spoilers)

The Assignment (Spoilers)

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First of all, let me say this movie is not so bad.  I have seen the word terrible attached to it many times, but to me I would rate it average as a film in the revenge/payback film noir genre.

The main characters is betrayed.  He then systematically hunts down his betrayer.   Most of that hunting down involves him walking around shooting people without ever being remotely threatened himself or even challenged.  He walks in and shoots.  People die.  There is tension and no struggle.  He shoots.  They die.

There is very little here for fans of TG fiction, especially if you are interested in media that really explores gender identity.  The character is given a forced sex-change, and after initially freaking out when he wakes up to his new face and female body, he just goes right back to acting and dressing the same way as he always did.  He doesn’t seem to really even care all that much, but just throws on some guy clothes and goes back to being a thug.

A few times, he is spoken to in demeaning ways based on his new sex– someone calling him babe or sweetheart, but it seems to have no impact on him at all.   He just shrugs it off like it didn’t happen.  Likewise when he, for no clear reason, decides to dress up in a sexy women’s clothing and heels, even donning a blonde wig.  He acts just like he’d put on his usual leather jacket and hoodie, and doesn’t seem to care at all about how he looks or what it might mean in terms of how he is treated.

In addition, the movie features a framing story where Sigourney Weaver, the doctor who performed the surgery, is being interviewed by Tony Shaloub.  This is mostly just an exercise in lazy writing, with lots of opportunities for exposition dumps and a pointless cat and mouse game where nothing really seems to be at stake.

The motivation for the sex-change is thin and unconvincing, and in the end the biggest problem for me is that I didn’t care about any of the characters.   If anything, the villain Honest John  was more charismatic and likeable than the hero, Frank Kitchen, so I didn’t much care whether he got his or not.

Still and all, I would say it’s an okay movie, the kind you watch on a rainy day.   It’s okay, but just okay.

The Assignment (Spoilers)

Re-Form School!

The state has demoted teen-age Franklin Probst to girl.  He may not have excelled as a dude, but he certainly never wanted to give up being one.  Now, he finds himself sent to reform school, where the state intends to re-form him body and mind into a docile and submissive female.

Reform school, my latest ebook, is now available on Amazon!

Check it out!

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Re-Form School!

You Have To Admire The Speed

So, only two days after I triumphantly submitted my amazing, ground breaking gender bending project to Amazon, they rejected it with a “we’ll take a pass.”

Am I disappointed?  Of course.  I knew when I submitted it that the odds were very low, but of course I had some small hope that somehow a wacky idea from a guy with absolutely no experience would somehow make it through the gate keepers.  I thought I would get to live in that dream space for weeks or months, imagining myself being interviewed by Steven Colbert and saying, “It’s true.  I had  no experience at all, but I believed in myself and that was all it took!”

Well, it actually takes way more than that.  Disney lied to us!

So, what next?  More scripts, more submission and continued efforts to find an agent!  You need a gatekeeper to get past the gatekeepers.   Why?  Because they have the keys!

A few muses on various ideas and emotions I have been stirring around in my brain since finding out my show wasn’t getting anywhere at Amazon:

It has been my quirk in life to only find myself drawn to professions in which rejection is a constant and inevitable part of the experience: acting, comedy, writing, to choose any of these paths is to embrace a life up to your eyeballs in the fetid muck of “we’ll take a pass.”

Now, usually the rejections are generic and compassionately bland, but especially in the acting world you sometimes deal with cretinous people who feel a need to take a big steaming poop on you as they “take a pass.”  I have had people laugh at me, mock me, tell me to “go live your life.”  I have seen casting directors on the street and said “hi,” only to have them comment to the person next to them that I am “terrible.”  One casting director once compared to a serial killer.

(That same casting director, by the way, was on twitter a few weeks ago complaining that he didn’t even get health care in his job, and I thought–  karma!  Perhaps your lack of caring for others is just bouncing back on you!)

Okay.  Sometimes I do get bitter.  What do you want from me?

But I keep going.  That’s all I can do.  And I keep writing, and I put my own stuff out these because I live in an era where I can do that and reach readers who aren’t finding that the gatekeepers are making stuff for them.

And my message today to anyone out there reading is to do the same.  Next time you face rejection, just keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going.  Just make sure you never reject yourself.  Keep on loving yourself, and that rejection will only make you stronger.







You Have To Admire The Speed

Going Crazy!!!!

I did it!   I submitted my gender fluid pilot to Amazon!

Click on the link if you want to read the script for free.  I would also love feedback!!!!!!

What was I thinking?   Everyone knows this type of stuff is just for a niche market.   Amazon would never consider it, right?

Well, I don’t know, but I had to try.  I have this belief that everyone is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, if you know what I mean.  And I feel like now is the time to really bring an exciting, action packed show that explores gender identity!

The story, which I am also shopping around to agents as a YA novel, uses some plot ideas I have written about for adult readers.   The Crown Prince of The Shattered Isles finds himself transformed into a princess, and as the younger sister watches in disgust as his older sister seizes the crown.

Now, both of them find themselves struggling to gain and keep power and young women in a man’s world.  There is palace intrigue, sibling rivalry, witches and priests as the whole world faces massive and dynamic changes, and everyone has to ask– what does it mean to be a woman?  Or a man?

I don’t know what will happen.   But, I know that I am excited to have written the script and made the effort.  If you get a chance, check it out!  I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Be who you want to be, people!  It is awesome!

Going Crazy!!!!

Books books and more books!

Hey. folks.  I have been writing like crazy lately and released three ebooks in the past couple of weeks.   Rather than my blog becoming a steady stream of me mentioning one book after another, I am going to do them all in one swoop starting with my latest book, which has gone to #1 in its category on the first day of release!  (Thanks everyone who bought/read it!)

Boy Gone Blonde by [Cooper, T.G., Anonymous, Anonymous]

In Boy Gone Blonde, a high-school jock finds a ditsy blonde voice in his head that wants him to act like and become a ditsy blonde girl.  This story was written as a commission based on the request of an anonymous client, and it was a whole lotta fun to write, and I am so glad people are loving it!

Geisha was not a commission, but it was inspired by a reader who suggested the plot line and details of a rich young jock forced to train as and become a geisha.   I had a blast researching geishas and then writing this story, which also has been very popular.

Hero: The Complete Saga by [Cooper, T.G.]

The last new publication is not new, exactly, but I have assembled all three books of the Hero Saga into one text, which is cheaper to buy than the three separate stories originally published as Hero, Hero:Book Two and Hero: Book Three.

And lastly, I decided to delve into the Amazon Paperback option and create a paperback version of The Goddess Zeus, one of my personal all-time favorites in which the Greek Gods and Goddesses switch genders and roles.   I am just experimenting to see if there is a market for these books in print form, and if there is I will make more available over time.

If you are still reading, thanks!  And here is a list to my author page in case the above links don’t work for you:

T.G. Cooper Author Page

All my books can be found on my author page.   And, if that still doesn’t work, let me know where you are, and I will send you a link for your country!





Books books and more books!