Fireworks! TG July is on FIRE!

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Ex-Husband French Maid. Patreon Exclusive!

Now available exclusively to my $6 patrons– the latest in the bestselling Ex-Husband series. Join now to read this illustrated story months before it ever goes to Amazon and get access to dozens of other TG stories and comics!

1950s Housewife Now on Amazon!

The latest issue of the best-selling Ex-Husband series is now available on! Buy it for 2.99, or receive access to his and dozens of other amazing TG stories for just $3 per month by joining the Tg Kadettes!

Synopsis: Jeffrey thought things were better back in the 50s when men were men and women were in the kitchen. He’s about to get a change of perspective!

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Boy Gone Blonde 3: Now Available!

The wildly popular Boy Gone Blonde series returns as a third boy finds himself blonded! Brittany. Tiffany and Maddy are back in this Patreon exclusive, available now along with many other fantastic TG stories for as little as $3 per month!

If you haven’t read the previous books in this legendary series, check it Book 1 here:

All thanks to my long-time and wonderful anonymous patron who not only commissioned all three of these works, but came up with the plots as well. You are the best!

More Free TG!

Trials of a Man, a premium TG comic that first appeared on my Patreon months ago, is now available on TGComic:

This is a 100+page multi-panel comic that tells the tale of Stone Cameron, a tough guy professional fighter who finds himself turning into a woman. Check it out, and if you like the material, join my Patreon for exclusive first access to all my TG Comics, Illustrated Stories and Fiction, including Patreon exclusives that will never be available anywhere else, free or otherwise!

Free Comic!

Hey, folks! Check out my free comic on! It’s a fun little TG Story, and did I mention it’s free? This originally appeared on my Patreon a while back. For exclusive early access to all my TG Comics, Illustrated Stories and Fiction, join today:

Spider Man Gender Swap Every Monday!

Hey, folks. Just a little GIF, and a reminder that my illustrated Spider Man TG story is now running, with new episodes every Monday. Receive exclusive access to this and so much more at for as little as $3 per month!