Sneak Peek: Carrolwood

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What in the world is going on? I am offering with this latest post a little sneak peek at Carrolwood, the novel I am currently releasing installment style on my Patreon. My patrons get exclusive early access to all my writings, so why not join today? Without further ado, here is a little piece of my over 50,000 word, slow-change, gender swap novel:

Carrolwood Sample

Carl opened his mouth and said, “It’s just math.” But instead of filing the room with his manly bass, the words came out in the most lovely, musical soprano voice. In fact, he sounded exactly like Sunni, who was, of course, the best singer among all the girls at Carrolwood and had played the lead in every musical.

The class, failing to note Carl’s eyes go wide with the shock of betrayal as his hand shot to his throat, laughed. They thought he was making fun of Sunni and were delighted that he sounded JUST LIKE HER. 

“Not appropriate,” Sharp said, wagging her finger.

“I didn’t…” Carl started to object, but immediately stopped speaking as once more he heard that sweet and alluring feminine voice come from his throat.

The bell rang. A shocked and disturbed Carl gathered his books, quickly assuming his usual mask of confidence, eager to cover up his discomfort. He meant to find a private place to test his voice, maybe take a throat lozenge. His mind ran through all the known throat ailments, but he could remember none that would cause someone’s voice to— change. His plans, however, came to an abrupt end when Sunni planted herself in front of him, her hands on her hips, her eyes burning with fury as she stared up into his face. “It’s sexist to make fun of the way girls talk!” She said.

Carl focused. Carl concentrated. He placed- or tried to place— his voice deep in his chest, but when he spoke? “I’m not making…” Once more, that lovely soprano trilled from his lips. “I’m not making fun of how you talk!” He forced himself to say, appalled at how much he sounded like a snotty female.

Sunni put her hands on his chest and shoved him. “Jerk!” She said, spinning, ponytail flying as she stormed off.


New chapters posted every week! After Carrolwood, I will be serializing another new story called Girl’s Weekend!

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Daredevil Gender Bender

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Daredevil: Love and War (1986) | Comic Issues | Marvel

Old school comic book fans may well remember the names Frank Miller and Bill Sienkewietz, both of whom were huge back in the 1980s and 1990s. Miller is doing shows for Netflix these days, while Sienkewittz remains an active and progressive artists.

The gender bender aspects of Love and War did not involve a full on body swap. However, there is a sequence where a male character is feeling everything being experienced by a female character, including when she decided to have sex at one point.

I am being intentionally vague as to not give away too much, but it is a pretty fun and interesting scene. If you are not familiar with Sinkewietz work– look at the over. The inside art is the same, so this is not your usual comic book experience.

So, there is some fun gender bender material in there, and it’s also a great read and visually stunning. You can find it on Amazon Kindle.

Walking to Inspiration!

Holmdel Park, New Jersey

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Today, I’m gonna share on where I get my ideas. I’ve written hundreds of gender swap short stories, novels, novellas and now scripts over the years. While they share a common element– someone gets gender swapped– they also are all different and unique in their own ways. Mostly, that does not result from a kind of logical process, but from an imaginative experience.

One of the greatest idea generating activities in my life involves walking. Aside from getting story ideas, I just like to walk. It’s healthy, and for me it’s a form of meditation. When I walk regularly, I just feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

And, I get ideas. In the case of my current novel, Carrolwood, for example, the voice of the narrator came to me as I walked around my neighborhood after dinner one sweaty summer night. I sort of met this character, and I thought the voice was funny, and I began to think about what kind of story I could tell with that voice. The characters and setting all then just kind of emerged from my subconscious.

Another time I was walking around the beach down at Asbury Park, NJ, where the evil, 19th century clown Tillie still serves as town mascot, and I just started to think about what if Tillie were an evil spirit haunting the town? As I walked around, I took pictures of different locations, and the story ended up being built around that walk.

In addition to getting ideas for stories, I sometimes walk to inspiration while in the middle of a story. Sometimes when I am writing I get in a jam and can’t figure out what the character would or should do, I take a long walk, and the answer a lot of times just comes to me. Sometimes I see the scene in my head, and at those times I am very much inclined to believe in the idea of a muse that is feeding me ideas. It really does feel to me sometimes like I am seeing the story happen and just writing it down rather than “coming up with it.”

There are other ways ideas come to me. Sometimes I create a cover and then write a story to match. I have been inspired sometimes by other authors. For example, I once decided to write a TG story in the style of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Likewise, Forever Mine started out as “forced femme version of YOU (the book and Netflix series). There must be others I can’t think of right now– Oh, yeah– It Girl! What? Just started out as “TG Anime.”

But, I would say, without walking, I think I would write a lot less. There’s just something about walking along a shady, tree-lined path that allows my mind to open itself up and accept the gifts of inspiration!

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