Superhero TG Only on Patreon!

Mr. Mxylpltk is at it again!

Howdy, peoples! Just thought I would share this little prelude to my latest TG Superhero Comic, Kiss and Tell! In addition to my regular TG Spider Man stories, I am now adding a little of that DC magic to my Patreon! Enjoy this free video, and then how about becoming a TG Kadette today?

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Ex-Husband Groupie Only on Patreon!

The latest issue of Ex-Husband Magazine is now available exclusively on Patreon! 50 pages with over 15 original illustrations, read the story of rock star Prime Vengeance, as his bitter ex-wives transform him into a slutty little groupie.

Captain America Joins the MTGU

It’s Gender Swap, Superhero Fanfiction! Captain America, now an angry little blonde woman, joins the MTGU as things get complicated between Spider Man and Black Cat, who has lured him into dressing as and impersonating her.

Spider Man Gender Swap Every Monday!

The story of Peter Parker’s transformation into a young woman continues with new illustrated chapters each and every Monday! Things are trending toward steamy!

Masculinity 2033: Now on Patreon

The Hive has landed!

My classic, bestselling Masculinity 2021 series reboot! Masculinity 2033 reveals how the life of one man, now named Katherine, is transformed by a matriarchal, alien race who comes to Earth promising total equality between the sexes.

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Fireworks! TG July is on FIRE!

A lot of great new TG Comics, Stories and Captions coming out July 2022! Receive early, exclusive access to all of my material! Become a TG Kadette today!

1950s Housewife Now on Amazon!

The latest issue of the best-selling Ex-Husband series is now available on! Buy it for 2.99, or receive access to his and dozens of other amazing TG stories for just $3 per month by joining the Tg Kadettes!

Synopsis: Jeffrey thought things were better back in the 50s when men were men and women were in the kitchen. He’s about to get a change of perspective!

Links to all Amazon sites below:



Boy Gone Blonde 3: Now Available!

The wildly popular Boy Gone Blonde series returns as a third boy finds himself blonded! Brittany. Tiffany and Maddy are back in this Patreon exclusive, available now along with many other fantastic TG stories for as little as $3 per month!

If you haven’t read the previous books in this legendary series, check it Book 1 here:

All thanks to my long-time and wonderful anonymous patron who not only commissioned all three of these works, but came up with the plots as well. You are the best!

Spider Man Gender Swap Every Monday!

Hey, folks. Just a little GIF, and a reminder that my illustrated Spider Man TG story is now running, with new episodes every Monday. Receive exclusive access to this and so much more at for as little as $3 per month!

June 2022 Patreon Calendar

Lots of awesome and amazing TG Media coming your way this June! Join us for TG summer fun (if you live in the northern hemisphere, that is!)