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A popular sports caster, Andy broke things off with his wife when she became too demanding. Just another annoying feminist, he’d decided, and determined to keep her from poisoning the minds of their children with her crazy talk about equality. He never expected his wife to discover Ex-Husband Magazine and turn him not only into a woman, but the ultimate feminist!

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5 Questions with Author Liam Slade

I love all forms of TG fiction ranging from Spells R Us and Bikini Beach to Robert Heinlein’s I Will Fear No Evil. However, I especially love TG fiction that has a great story at the center with rounded characters and dynamic relationships. Which brings me to Liam Slade and the new book, The Princess Awakening. This is a fun read with a lot of TG tropes and great characters. I enjoyed it so much I decided– I need to interview that author! So, without any additional ado, here are five questions with Liam Slade!

1. You have a new book out. The Princess Awakening. I was very struck by the relationships in the story. Can you talk some about your writing philosophy and the role relationships play in your storytelling?

Thank you! In my writing, there is often an interlocking relationship between the Tg/transformation themes and the relationship themes. Each one provides a window into examining the other, so the way I transform my characters is a way to look at how their relationships develop and change.

Plus — who doesn’t love a love story? Not everything I write is romantic or features a love interest but it recurs in my writing frequently, because it gives characters something to explore within themselves and with others, and to hopefully stir something in the readers.

2. I love a lot of the elements in your story– a guy becoming a princess, the fairytale setting. Can you talk about those motifs  and why you  find them fertile subjects for your writing?

I think the type of writing I do is very much indebted to fairy tales and mythology: transformations, revelations, things that make sense in a dreamlike imaginary way, so it was fun to look at our real world conceptions of that.

The main character of The Princess Awakening believes in a fairy tale version of love, and Prince Charming and all that, to the point where it affects her everyday life. Does that fairy tale — or anything like it — exist in reality? Maybe, but it’s a little messier. I think the message that I’m trying to convey with this story is to find the fairy tale that already exists in your life.

Some of the motifs you mention here are quite new toys for me — my writing has usually been grounded in everyday experiences, which usually do not involve putting on a tiara and an elegant gown, but the idea of dabbling in that world, particularly for bringing a person from “our” world to that one, appealed to me because of the chance to stretch myself. I think the key to approaching a new story idea is to look at where it intersects with the transformation you want to do. What is the difference between a prince and a princess? What is the difference between a California girl and European royalty? Once I realized all the ground this covers it became a very exciting thing to try to write.

Nearly every walk of life, every profession, every lifestyle, has gendered components to it, which is why I’ll never run out of things to write.

3.  What is your approach to writing? Do you plan everything out, make it up as you go?

Well, it’s all made up at the end of the day, isn’t it? *laughs*

I think the best way to lay this out is in terms of a four step process I’ve recognized in my writing:

1: Inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it’s another work, an event in your life, or a thought you have while half-asleep. Sometimes you have to roll that initial inspiration around in your head like Katamari (do people remember Katamari?) and let it pick up other sources. In this case, I melded thoughts about royalty to ideas I’ve always had about reincarnation. In the case of my previous novel Kristi’s Mom, the inspiration was to do a TG story inspired by the Fountains of Wayne song “Stacy’s Mom.”

2: The Way In. Once you have the inspiration, then you tilt it around to see what is the most viable form. This is where I lock down the “big idea” of the writing, and how it is going to influence the rest of the story, because “reincarnation story about a princess” can have so many different forms. In this case, I wound up with a prince who was reincarnated as an average American girl, being brought back into his/her former world. When I sat down to write, I determined that this girl was awkward with boys, a dreamer who had something missing from her life, to offset the Prince who would be of course, charming, confident, and have it all. How could these two people be, essentially, the same person without knowing it? The contrast seemed more delicious than if the girl in question were more classically a Queen Bee or something.

In writing that out, I also found my way to her friend Lora, who as you know from reading the book is a very big part of the story. That helped form the shape of how the story was going to look and feel. Because of the main character’s fluctuating identity, I knew I couldn’t write the whole thing from her perspective, so Lora because our audience surrogate — a feature not often found in TG works!

3: Where It Goes. I almost always try to think of an ending early on in the writing process. My plot summaries usually feature a rundown of the setup (say, everything leading up to the titular “Awakening”) along with questions like “Can the new Princess adapt to her life? Will she find love and happiness in the old world?” along with an “In the end” statement that tells me just where I’m aiming. I’m not completely obligated to find myself there, and definitely locked into the particulars, but it helps guide the development of the story. I knew how our Princess would end up, and of course that it would involve a Royal Wedding, but I was not sure what gears would have to shift to get her there. In Kristi’s Mom, this is where I came up with the twist that shows up near the end of that story, and the end that followed it. 

4: The Good Parts. This is where I fill in the middle, and admittedly, fly by the seat of my pants. I have to leave this long stretch of the story blank because that, to me, is the most exciting part of writing, as well as the most challenging. As you delve into a world, you may find that some idea you had isn’t working the way you envisioned, or that you came up with something that shifts the story abruptly, in the moment. Usually I have a loose agenda that I don’t even bother writing down: “I want there to be a moment like this, I want the characters to go here, and I want to explore this facet of the transformation at some point.” I have that flexibility built in to help stimulate my creative centre. In this particular story, there’s a key plot moment near the end that I didn’t know I was going to do, but when I came up with it, excited and frustrated me because I had given myself a real puzzle: “if this happens, I owe it to the reader to play out in a major way.” I’m still not sure I solved it correctly but part of the magic of writing is that the reader may not know I have doubts 🙂

4. Which artists have influenced you?

I don’t want to give him a big head, but Jason Seaver, who I first read at the Transplanted Life and later started the Trading Post where I wrote for many years, was the first writer I saw doing stuff that I wanted to see and do. He brought a real logic to his situations that made them feel like they were really happening and seemed to escape the bubble of “TG writing.” There are philosophies that he and I don’t share as writers, but having that contrast helped me define myself.

In the TG world, I read more bad than good. I am an incredibly tough audience to please and I have a very short attention span so it’s hard for me to find things that I like and want to emulate. Instead I read things that I don’t like and think to myself “Make sure not to do this.” That sounds shady and I’m certainly not going to name names, but I think we all have that to a degree. 

I think the places where I find the most influence for my writing are in teen authors (such as David Levithan, who wrote Every Day) and romantic comedy authors like Jasmine Guillory (when I speak of romance, this is what I mean, not Harlequin bodice-rippers) — genres that are not really concerned with striving for purple prose, but where good straightforward storytelling helps serve winning characters and situations. These are stories that allow you to take their premises at face value and move forward instead of bogging down with details. That’s how I like to write my stories, so I look for good examples of that. 

5. What’s next for Liam Slade?

A nap 🙂

Once I’ve made sure everyone has seen The Princess Awakening, I’m going to take a break and dial back. I’ve been working on one thing or another (or several things at once) for the last two years, including an intensive three-month power-writing session to realize this story. I need to relax a little bit for now. I have, however, promised an “Author’s Edition” of Kristi’s Mom (vanity project alert!” which would include alternate ending(s) and a sidestory set in between the pages. If you enjoyed that novel, please keep an eye out for that later this year.

On Twitter, I often make reference to an Excel spreadsheet where I have logged over 40 potential new projects, from free short fictions to novellas and novels to series of stories. I don’t expect to get all or even half of them done, but the top three or five are constantly rattling around my brain. I think in the next few months you’ll see some shorter works appear on my site, and then I may feel ready kick into gear for something big again. For my last two works — The Princess Awakening and Partsexchange — I think I stretched a little bit as far as what audiences hope to read. Whatever I choose to write next may be more in line with what I think people want, before going back to something more experimental that is “just for me.”

That said, you never know. The Princess Awakening jumped to the front of the line as the story that I had to write next, even as I had a few things already started. It could happen any day that the next must-write idea will pop into my head and get me back to my keyboard.

And I just want to say thanks to those who have read and enjoyed my workm encouraged me and given me positive notices as a writer! And also to the people who have given me one-star reviews, I’ll win you over next time 😄

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Jeff Sturm pressured his wife to be an old-fashioned homemaker, so after their divorce she decides to turn the tables in turn him into one– curtesy of Tatiana the Fixer and Ex-Husband Magazine! Soon Jeff finds himself wearing A line dresses, heels and pearls while obsessively baking. Can he save himself? (Spoiler: No).

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LIT RPG Free Sample!


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Two bros who think of themselves as pretty much your regular CIS males decide to play a new, fully immersive video game as girls and make some discoveries about themselves.

LIT RPG Sample Pages

Static, and a kind of falling motion as the system synched his mind to his new body. Then, as if slowly waking from a dream, Jack found himself blinking as the world materialized around him: he was back in the lounge he’d seen in the set up. Now, there was added ambience— soft techno music.

Jack immediately became aware of something crushing his chest, like a compression wrap around his upper body. Looking down he saw the swell of those huge breasts swelling out from his chest. Impulsively, he cupped his breasts, lifting and squeezing. Hey, he’s a guy. He’d had his hands on more than a few, but feeling hands on HIS breasts, feeling the way the soft, sensitive skin reacted, he couldn’t help but laugh, surprised at the sound of that pretty little voice he’d selected.

“Agent!” He heard a man shout. “You need to get to work.”

Jack jumped, surprised and embarrassed, immediately pulling his hands away from his chest. Turning, his hair fell in his face, and he brushed it away, looking at a huge, muscle bound man with a thick beard, wearing a tattered general’s uniform. NPC, he realized.

“Work?” He asked, feeling super self-conscious of how he sounded.

“I’m General Grizz, your handler for this mission.” The man walked over and put an arm around Jack’s shoulders, bringing him into very clear awareness of how small he was now— he only came up to the bottom of the man’s rib cage. Having that big, meaty arm draped over him made him feel super uncomfortable, and he tried to free himself, but the man’s hand clamped hard on his shoulder, and he found himself being dragged toward a small observation slit that cut across one side of the bunker. “Get off me.”

The man ignored him, effortlessly dragging him along. “What kind of game is this?” He activated the Intercom function and called, “Bret? Where are you?”

“On my way,” he heard a strong, woman’s voice answer.

Jack found himself at the wall, beneath a window. The man peered out the window, keeping his hand firmly gripped on Jack’s shoulder. “See? Over there?”

Jack could not see. He was too short. He found himself staring at the wall. Grabbing the window ledge, he tried to pull himself up, his breasts pressing against the wall, but with a pretty little grunt he fell back down, his little arms too weak to do a pull up.


“Come on! We don’t have much time!” The man growled.

“Pause!” Jack demanded. “Pause.”

The scene froze. Jack freed himself from the man’s grip. He did not like that way this was going at all. “Brett? Come on!”

“Just a sec.”

“Shoot.” Jack pulled up his inventory. Like most games, his character did not start with much. A medical kit. A holster and a pistol. A blow gun and four darts. Rudimentary armor— the skin tight outfit that made him feel like a sausage. And the “tactical bra” that did give him +1 armor. He suddenly realized why he felt all that compression around his chest. Grabbing at the bra, he tried to stretch and adjust it, but his effort did nothing.

Equipping the holster and pistol, he felt the belt drape across his full hips. He pulled the pistol and thought about shooting the NPC idiot, but in all likelihood that would just reset the mission. So, with a grunt of displeasure, he holstered the pistol and, after a moment, could not resist the distraction of his new bust, once more planting his hands on them and giving them a squeeze.

“Having fun?” Bret asked as he materialized.

“Yup,” Jack said, not wanting to show any embarrassment over playing with himself.

“Wow,” Bret said, letting his eyes roam over Jack’s body. “You went all in.”

“Don’t check me out,” Jack said, though he was doing the same thing to Bret, who had gone in a very different direction. “I thought we both agreed to be hot?”

“I should probably be offended by that,” Bret said.

Jack had to look up to meet Bret’s eyes. Waaaaay up. “How tall are you?”

“I don’t know. 5’ 11”.” Brett said. “You know volleyball players drive me crazy.”

Brett did look like he could be a star on the women’s volleyball team. Tall, athletic, broad shouldered for a woman. Small, firm breasts swelled beneath his own black bodysuit, and Jack couldn’t help but notice his legs went on forever.

Like Jack, Bret couldn’t resist putting his hands on his new breasts, squeezing. “Yikes,” he said, surprised at how sensitive they were despite having been told by every girlfriend he’d ever had. “Maybe we should just skip the mission and play with these?” Bret said.

“Maybe we should just bail,” Jack said. “This is weird.” Curious, he hopped up and down, feeling his whole body jiggle and bounce.

Bret did the same, laughing. “How do girls put up with this?”

“I feel like my body is made out of Jello-o.”

“Oh, you are Jello-O.” Bret had a rich, mature woman’s voice, and it made Jack feel even — he wasn’t even sure of the word, but he deeply regretted his choice to go with the sexy little girl voice. “You’re so cute.”

“I think I’ve experienced enough. I have to study anyway.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t chicken out. One mission.”

“I don’t like it.”

“We haven’t even started.”

“It’s stupid to play as girls.”

“So, let’s just embrace the stupid. It’s just one mission.”

“It’s stupid.”

“Man, I knew you would be a little bitch about it.”

“Fuck you!” Jack said.

Bret couldn’t help but laugh. Jack was really cute when he was angry now.


“Nothing. Nothing,” Brett said, not wanting to unnerve Jack any further. “One mission. Come on.”

“Just shut up,” Jack said. “Let’s get this mission over with.”

“What’s the mission?”

“I’m not sure yet. I froze it waiting for you to get here.”

“So, let’s do it.”

“Over here.”

Jack turned and walked back toward the wall, his long hair swaying. Bret couldn’t help but enjoy the view, and the feelings he had made him feel all kinds of confused. He was checking out a gorgeous little female. Gorgeous, and yet he knew she was actually his best guy friend.

“What’s with Soldier McGrizzleface?”

“Unpause,” Jack said.

The NPC flickered, the AI adjusting to the addition of a new character. “Ladies,” he said, turning to address them both. “We don’t have all day. Look.”

Bret and Jack exchanged a glance. It was strange to be referred to as ladies.

Bret went to the window. They were up very high, and he had a sweeping view of the city. Long and narrow, the city nestled in a valley between a pair of snow capped mountains. Above the whole city read the words, Recon Junction, with three neighborhoods named Georgian Pond, Outer Vail and Inner Vail. “Recon Junction,” the NPC said. “The best mess on the planet.”

“Cool,” Brett said, looking over the city, his eyes immediately drawn to a tall, narrow spire-like building in the distance that dominated the whole city, looking down over the whole length like a watchtower.

“What is it?” Jack said, jumping, trying to get a look.

“It’s just basic orientation,” Bret said, “Kind of a disappointing start. Lore dump right at the top?”

“I can’t see.”

“Oh,” Bret said. “You are tiny.”

“It’s an advantage for stealth characters,” Jack said. “I didn’t want to be this small.”

“Okay,” Bret said, then without asking he put his hands on Jack’s waist and lifted him.

“Hey! Put me down.” Jack hadn’t been picked up like that since he’d been a child.

“You said you wanted to see.”

“Oh, right,” Jack said, looking over the city. “It does look cool.”

Bret was surprised and pleased at how easy it was to lift and hold Jack. He had shifted points from charisma— why would a brick need charisma?— to strength, but he didn’t expect to be this strong. It made him feel powerful to pick up this little female– even if she was actually a guy.

“Here’s what you need to know about the city,” Grizz said. “Georgian Pond— rich people. Upper Vail— business district. Lower Vail— poor people.”

“What about that?” Jack asked, pointing toward the tower.

“Essentialus. They own the town. Maybe even the planet.”

“So, what’s the mission?” Bret said.

“Okay, put me down,” Jack said.

Bret set him down, patted him on the head.

Jack slapped his arm away. “Cut it out.”

“Ah, yes, the mission—“ Grizz said.

“A client of mine needs something acquired. I’m transmitting the details now.”


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