New Book Up! Jack Danger!



Put a new book up on Amazon this week–  Jack Danger, time agent.   Jack prides himself on being unstoppable, on doing whatever it takes to complete a mission.   But what happens when he jumps into the body of a young stripper, and “whatever it takes” suddenly includes doing some things in positions he never really considered as a man?

As always, I like to play with ideas of masculinity,  as my hero struggles to adapt to life as a woman, even while trying to “be a man.”   This is an R-rated story featuring some grinding along with the action and adventure, and it also had a female to male body swap, as Jack Danger’s partner, Marybeth, finds herself in the body of a tall, handsome man who has some very strong feelings toward the sexy little woman Jack has become.











New Book Up! Jack Danger!

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Thanks, everyone, who responded to my call for readers.  I am so blessed and lucky to have so many awesome people willing to be a part of my dream!   The book will be better for your generous efforts!

I have enough, though, so I am closing that down for now.  If you see the post, don’t be offended if you ask and I say no.   At some point, too much feedback will just overwhelm me.

Now, today, I thought I would share some of the lesser works that make up my writerly DNA.  First up, Passion of a New Eve, by Angela Carter.  A book I first stumbled upon in a university library 25 years ago, Passion of a New Eve tells the tale of a young man, Evelyn, who is captured by a feminist radical and given a sex-change.

It stands out for me and has always stood out for several reasons.   First, the description of him when he first looks at himself in a mirror and examines his female shape and face, is exquisite.  He finds he has been turned into a Playboy bunny, and it is shocking to him to see himself as the embodiment of male fantasy.

In addition, he is subjected to a great deal of brain washing intended to make him think and feel like a woman, to fill his brain with feminine and maternal impulses.

Now, that may all sound like a lot of books out there, but the mental conditioning stuff was rare back then, and  especially interesting to me then and now because the author was a woman and a feminist.  Her notion of how to brainwash a man and make him more her, therefore, is very different from the typical male description, when there even is one, and so I have always found it particularly interesting.

Further, once Eve goes out into the world, she experiences men in all their forms, and there is a lot of exploration of her life and how it has all changed.   Now, I will say, this is one of those books where as you read on it seems more and more a book about a woman, and less a book about a man trapped as a woman, but that also makes sense in the context of the story.

Another work that informs my writing but which comes from the world of academic was a book called Sexchanges, the second volume from Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.  Academic scholars with an interest in gender and politics, the authors look at many works from the 20th Century that deal with gender and the way these works challenged or reacted to the events of the century.   At the time I read it, right around the same time as I read Passion I had done very little thinking about the difference between biological sex and gender identity.

Both of these works opened up for me the understanding that identity and biological sex were not one and the same, and that what goes on in our heads and hearts isn’t always in line with what were told is supposed to go on in those places based on our birth sex.

Or, as the Kinks sang so many years ago:  Boys will be girls and girls will be boys.

I can say with certainty that I woudn’t write what I write the way I write it if it weren’t for these two important works.   Check them out!

Thanks and more!

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(This is not me.   This is what I am feeling!)


I am looking for a few people to read and review my upcoming book, The Girl King.  Let me get right to the deal.  I offer you free, pre-publication access to my book.   You read it, and send back your reactions and thoughts, along with permission for me to use blurbs from your review to promote the book when it goes to publication.

Wait!  What if you hate it?  That’s okay.  I won’t use your blurbs, but I will appreciate your honesty.

If you want to read the book for free and be a part of my quest to bring gender bending fun to a larger audience, reply to this post, and we will take it from there.

If you want a little more information, read on!

The Girl King develops themes and characters I originally explored in a previous publication, The Men Who Would Be Queen.   However, as opposed to being an R-rated and pretty steamy story, The Girl King is written for a YA audience, so while there is the suggestion of sex at times, most of it happens off-screen.

This version explores what it is like for Serren to go from crown prince and swaggering embodiment of male privilege to younger sister, princess and someone with no power or influence.   It also explores how that changes his relationships with his family, friends and himself.  At over 300 pages, the relationships are much deeper, more fully developed, and the impact of Serren’s gender change much greater than in the previous version or any of my previous books.

Won’t you join me on my journey?  I would love to have you be one of the first to read this special story!

T.G. Cooper


Help Me!!!!!

New Ebook Out!!!!!!


Hey, folks. I just released a brand new ebook, Never Gamble With a Goddess. This stands as my third commission from the mysterious Anonymous, with the previous two, Boy Gone Blonde and A Night At The Mall both having gone to #1!

In this one, college student Abraham Goldberg, who considers himself a total stud and a “player,” makes a bet with a goddess that he can get laid within one week. If he fails, he gets turned into a basic girl for the rest of his life.

Eris, however, loves to toy with mortals, and she never promises not to do everything in her power to stop Abe from saving his manhood!

Slow, magical changes and lots of fun ensue!

Here are the links, and thanks to everyone for reading. If you like it, give me a review!!!!

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New Ebook Out!!!!!!


Take a picture, push a button and you can see what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex. Sounds fun? It is. I have played with the APP a great deal, and have some tips and pointers below, but first here are some pictures of me making different facial expressions, and you’ll see that the APP is able to mirror those expressions during the morph.


As for tips. In all these photos I wore a wig. Without the wig, the APP either gave me no hair or else very weird hair. So, I put on a blonde wig, and it largely kept the wig hair as it appeared in the original photo, sometimes adding more volume.

In addition, in the top two pictures I put on a little make-up. Eye shadow, eyebrow liner, lipstick and powder. It was picked up by the APP, and especially in the side eye view (upper right) made a big difference.

lastly, I played with some accessories (hats). It pics up and keeps the hats, which is something fun to play with. Here is another hat look.


It’s a very fun app to play with, and if you get it I suggest playing with different lights and angles, wigs and hats and, if you have it, make-up looks. Of course, I also like to put these faces onto bodies, and if you are interested in seeing some of that work, check out my page on deviant art:

TG Caps and Pictures

Here’s a sample:


The Assignment (Spoilers)

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First of all, let me say this movie is not so bad.  I have seen the word terrible attached to it many times, but to me I would rate it average as a film in the revenge/payback film noir genre.

The main characters is betrayed.  He then systematically hunts down his betrayer.   Most of that hunting down involves him walking around shooting people without ever being remotely threatened himself or even challenged.  He walks in and shoots.  People die.  There is tension and no struggle.  He shoots.  They die.

There is very little here for fans of TG fiction, especially if you are interested in media that really explores gender identity.  The character is given a forced sex-change, and after initially freaking out when he wakes up to his new face and female body, he just goes right back to acting and dressing the same way as he always did.  He doesn’t seem to really even care all that much, but just throws on some guy clothes and goes back to being a thug.

A few times, he is spoken to in demeaning ways based on his new sex– someone calling him babe or sweetheart, but it seems to have no impact on him at all.   He just shrugs it off like it didn’t happen.  Likewise when he, for no clear reason, decides to dress up in a sexy women’s clothing and heels, even donning a blonde wig.  He acts just like he’d put on his usual leather jacket and hoodie, and doesn’t seem to care at all about how he looks or what it might mean in terms of how he is treated.

In addition, the movie features a framing story where Sigourney Weaver, the doctor who performed the surgery, is being interviewed by Tony Shaloub.  This is mostly just an exercise in lazy writing, with lots of opportunities for exposition dumps and a pointless cat and mouse game where nothing really seems to be at stake.

The motivation for the sex-change is thin and unconvincing, and in the end the biggest problem for me is that I didn’t care about any of the characters.   If anything, the villain Honest John  was more charismatic and likeable than the hero, Frank Kitchen, so I didn’t much care whether he got his or not.

Still and all, I would say it’s an okay movie, the kind you watch on a rainy day.   It’s okay, but just okay.

The Assignment (Spoilers)

Books books and more books!

Hey. folks.  I have been writing like crazy lately and released three ebooks in the past couple of weeks.   Rather than my blog becoming a steady stream of me mentioning one book after another, I am going to do them all in one swoop starting with my latest book, which has gone to #1 in its category on the first day of release!  (Thanks everyone who bought/read it!)

Boy Gone Blonde by [Cooper, T.G., Anonymous, Anonymous]

In Boy Gone Blonde, a high-school jock finds a ditsy blonde voice in his head that wants him to act like and become a ditsy blonde girl.  This story was written as a commission based on the request of an anonymous client, and it was a whole lotta fun to write, and I am so glad people are loving it!

Geisha was not a commission, but it was inspired by a reader who suggested the plot line and details of a rich young jock forced to train as and become a geisha.   I had a blast researching geishas and then writing this story, which also has been very popular.

Hero: The Complete Saga by [Cooper, T.G.]

The last new publication is not new, exactly, but I have assembled all three books of the Hero Saga into one text, which is cheaper to buy than the three separate stories originally published as Hero, Hero:Book Two and Hero: Book Three.

And lastly, I decided to delve into the Amazon Paperback option and create a paperback version of The Goddess Zeus, one of my personal all-time favorites in which the Greek Gods and Goddesses switch genders and roles.   I am just experimenting to see if there is a market for these books in print form, and if there is I will make more available over time.

If you are still reading, thanks!  And here is a list to my author page in case the above links don’t work for you:

T.G. Cooper Author Page

All my books can be found on my author page.   And, if that still doesn’t work, let me know where you are, and I will send you a link for your country!





Books books and more books!