Deals, Bets and Dares getting hotter!

Things are steaming up over at Deals, Bets and Dares, with Angelo now living as a woman and discovering just how hard life can be for an exotic dancer. You should join my Patreon and check it out. Of course, I am biased, so let’s see what a disinterested second party thinks:

Well, there you have it! None other than the manager of Kittens nightclub, Cherry Sweet, says you should check it out! Matter settled. Warning: This comic is rated X for nudity and sexual situations. Here’s a pick of Angelo, now using the dancer name Amberlynn Divine:

It took hours of practice, but Angelo is great in heels these days!

Allmyth: Introducing Ollie

One of three college students drawn into the fantasy world of Allmyth: Nightmare Village, Ollie Kabat finds himself in the body a beautiful elven gunfighter. He’s a girl now, and Ollie has always been scared of the opposite sex. And guns. How will he handle his new life?

Coming May 2022 to my Patreon:

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Ex-Husband Magazine 2 Now Available!

A popular sports caster, Andy broke things off with his wife when she became too demanding. Just another annoying feminist, he’d decided, and determined to keep her from poisoning the minds of their children with her crazy talk about equality. He never expected his wife to discover Ex-Husband Magazine and turn him not only into a woman, but the ultimate feminist!

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LIT RPG Free Sample!

Get immediate access to the complete, 40,000 word TG novel LIT RPG as well as TG Comics and stories on my Patreon for as little as $3 per week!


Two bros who think of themselves as pretty much your regular CIS males decide to play a new, fully immersive video game as girls and make some discoveries about themselves.

LIT RPG Sample Pages

Static, and a kind of falling motion as the system synched his mind to his new body. Then, as if slowly waking from a dream, Jack found himself blinking as the world materialized around him: he was back in the lounge he’d seen in the set up. Now, there was added ambience— soft techno music.

Jack immediately became aware of something crushing his chest, like a compression wrap around his upper body. Looking down he saw the swell of those huge breasts swelling out from his chest. Impulsively, he cupped his breasts, lifting and squeezing. Hey, he’s a guy. He’d had his hands on more than a few, but feeling hands on HIS breasts, feeling the way the soft, sensitive skin reacted, he couldn’t help but laugh, surprised at the sound of that pretty little voice he’d selected.

“Agent!” He heard a man shout. “You need to get to work.”

Jack jumped, surprised and embarrassed, immediately pulling his hands away from his chest. Turning, his hair fell in his face, and he brushed it away, looking at a huge, muscle bound man with a thick beard, wearing a tattered general’s uniform. NPC, he realized.

“Work?” He asked, feeling super self-conscious of how he sounded.

“I’m General Grizz, your handler for this mission.” The man walked over and put an arm around Jack’s shoulders, bringing him into very clear awareness of how small he was now— he only came up to the bottom of the man’s rib cage. Having that big, meaty arm draped over him made him feel super uncomfortable, and he tried to free himself, but the man’s hand clamped hard on his shoulder, and he found himself being dragged toward a small observation slit that cut across one side of the bunker. “Get off me.”

The man ignored him, effortlessly dragging him along. “What kind of game is this?” He activated the Intercom function and called, “Bret? Where are you?”

“On my way,” he heard a strong, woman’s voice answer.

Jack found himself at the wall, beneath a window. The man peered out the window, keeping his hand firmly gripped on Jack’s shoulder. “See? Over there?”

Jack could not see. He was too short. He found himself staring at the wall. Grabbing the window ledge, he tried to pull himself up, his breasts pressing against the wall, but with a pretty little grunt he fell back down, his little arms too weak to do a pull up.


“Come on! We don’t have much time!” The man growled.

“Pause!” Jack demanded. “Pause.”

The scene froze. Jack freed himself from the man’s grip. He did not like that way this was going at all. “Brett? Come on!”

“Just a sec.”

“Shoot.” Jack pulled up his inventory. Like most games, his character did not start with much. A medical kit. A holster and a pistol. A blow gun and four darts. Rudimentary armor— the skin tight outfit that made him feel like a sausage. And the “tactical bra” that did give him +1 armor. He suddenly realized why he felt all that compression around his chest. Grabbing at the bra, he tried to stretch and adjust it, but his effort did nothing.

Equipping the holster and pistol, he felt the belt drape across his full hips. He pulled the pistol and thought about shooting the NPC idiot, but in all likelihood that would just reset the mission. So, with a grunt of displeasure, he holstered the pistol and, after a moment, could not resist the distraction of his new bust, once more planting his hands on them and giving them a squeeze.

“Having fun?” Bret asked as he materialized.

“Yup,” Jack said, not wanting to show any embarrassment over playing with himself.

“Wow,” Bret said, letting his eyes roam over Jack’s body. “You went all in.”

“Don’t check me out,” Jack said, though he was doing the same thing to Bret, who had gone in a very different direction. “I thought we both agreed to be hot?”

“I should probably be offended by that,” Bret said.

Jack had to look up to meet Bret’s eyes. Waaaaay up. “How tall are you?”

“I don’t know. 5’ 11”.” Brett said. “You know volleyball players drive me crazy.”

Brett did look like he could be a star on the women’s volleyball team. Tall, athletic, broad shouldered for a woman. Small, firm breasts swelled beneath his own black bodysuit, and Jack couldn’t help but notice his legs went on forever.

Like Jack, Bret couldn’t resist putting his hands on his new breasts, squeezing. “Yikes,” he said, surprised at how sensitive they were despite having been told by every girlfriend he’d ever had. “Maybe we should just skip the mission and play with these?” Bret said.

“Maybe we should just bail,” Jack said. “This is weird.” Curious, he hopped up and down, feeling his whole body jiggle and bounce.

Bret did the same, laughing. “How do girls put up with this?”

“I feel like my body is made out of Jello-o.”

“Oh, you are Jello-O.” Bret had a rich, mature woman’s voice, and it made Jack feel even — he wasn’t even sure of the word, but he deeply regretted his choice to go with the sexy little girl voice. “You’re so cute.”

“I think I’ve experienced enough. I have to study anyway.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t chicken out. One mission.”

“I don’t like it.”

“We haven’t even started.”

“It’s stupid to play as girls.”

“So, let’s just embrace the stupid. It’s just one mission.”

“It’s stupid.”

“Man, I knew you would be a little bitch about it.”

“Fuck you!” Jack said.

Bret couldn’t help but laugh. Jack was really cute when he was angry now.


“Nothing. Nothing,” Brett said, not wanting to unnerve Jack any further. “One mission. Come on.”

“Just shut up,” Jack said. “Let’s get this mission over with.”

“What’s the mission?”

“I’m not sure yet. I froze it waiting for you to get here.”

“So, let’s do it.”

“Over here.”

Jack turned and walked back toward the wall, his long hair swaying. Bret couldn’t help but enjoy the view, and the feelings he had made him feel all kinds of confused. He was checking out a gorgeous little female. Gorgeous, and yet he knew she was actually his best guy friend.

“What’s with Soldier McGrizzleface?”

“Unpause,” Jack said.

The NPC flickered, the AI adjusting to the addition of a new character. “Ladies,” he said, turning to address them both. “We don’t have all day. Look.”

Bret and Jack exchanged a glance. It was strange to be referred to as ladies.

Bret went to the window. They were up very high, and he had a sweeping view of the city. Long and narrow, the city nestled in a valley between a pair of snow capped mountains. Above the whole city read the words, Recon Junction, with three neighborhoods named Georgian Pond, Outer Vail and Inner Vail. “Recon Junction,” the NPC said. “The best mess on the planet.”

“Cool,” Brett said, looking over the city, his eyes immediately drawn to a tall, narrow spire-like building in the distance that dominated the whole city, looking down over the whole length like a watchtower.

“What is it?” Jack said, jumping, trying to get a look.

“It’s just basic orientation,” Bret said, “Kind of a disappointing start. Lore dump right at the top?”

“I can’t see.”

“Oh,” Bret said. “You are tiny.”

“It’s an advantage for stealth characters,” Jack said. “I didn’t want to be this small.”

“Okay,” Bret said, then without asking he put his hands on Jack’s waist and lifted him.

“Hey! Put me down.” Jack hadn’t been picked up like that since he’d been a child.

“You said you wanted to see.”

“Oh, right,” Jack said, looking over the city. “It does look cool.”

Bret was surprised and pleased at how easy it was to lift and hold Jack. He had shifted points from charisma— why would a brick need charisma?— to strength, but he didn’t expect to be this strong. It made him feel powerful to pick up this little female– even if she was actually a guy.

“Here’s what you need to know about the city,” Grizz said. “Georgian Pond— rich people. Upper Vail— business district. Lower Vail— poor people.”

“What about that?” Jack asked, pointing toward the tower.

“Essentialus. They own the town. Maybe even the planet.”

“So, what’s the mission?” Bret said.

“Okay, put me down,” Jack said.

Bret set him down, patted him on the head.

Jack slapped his arm away. “Cut it out.”

“Ah, yes, the mission—“ Grizz said.

“A client of mine needs something acquired. I’m transmitting the details now.”

Five Fantasies Now Available!

My new illustrated TG ebook is now available! Here’s the blurb:

Her relationship cooling after a year, Sunni has five romantic fantasies she would like to share with her boyfriend, Greg. The only catch? Sunni wants Greg to be the girl. It’s now possible, thanks to fully immersive virtual reality.

When Sunni asks Greg to be her girl, and he agrees, the adventure begins!

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Five Fantasies

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Kaboom! It’s here! Trials of a Man tells the story of an ultra macho, former martial arts fighter who decides to move to an unexplored planet on the fringes of the galaxy. The planet, however, has some strange properties, and Stone finds himself turning into a young, voluptuous woman. This poses a huge challenge for Stone, who most definitely considered women the weaker sex!

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Happy Valentines! And, Upcoming Release!

Stone Cameron. MMA Fighter, man’s man, Alpha Male. Now, feels like a swimsuit model.

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Grimmlord 2 Now Available!

Grimmlord 2 by [T.G. Cooper]

He once struck fear into the criminals of New Amsterdam, but the Grimmlord finds himself transformed into a woman and renamed Danger Kitty. Now trapped as a cutesy crime fighting vixen, he seeks to discover who changed him and why. And It might be a little easier to do so if every man he knew wasn’t constantly hitting on him!

PG13. Contains some fade to black sex.

Yes, dear reader. The fabulous second issue is now available!


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The Lady Arthur Chapter 8

Chapter 8

In which the mysterious Unknown Knight does join Arthur’s Quest!

Killmack’s hand had been raised above Arthur’s backside, ready to deliver another slap, but it froze in the air, midspank as a voice called out, “Unhand her, you brute.” Arthur, for his part, winced. While having the humiliation end was desirable, at the same time being the “her” in such a cliche, storybook rescue of a maiden was a new and equally unwelcome humiliation. 

Killmack turned to see a stout knight adorned in pure white armoe, his face hidden behind a visored helm. What was not hidden was the way the edge of his steel blade flashed in the cool forest’s gloom.

Killmack shoved Arthur from his lap, sending him tumbling to the ground. ‘Ow!” Arthur wailed, as he slammed into the Earth.

 “Villain!” The Unknown Knight growled, advancing.

In a quick movement it was little more than a blur, Killmak plucked one of the knives from his belt and hurled it at the Knight.  It tumbled through the air, heading directly for the slit in his visor, but the Knight swung his mighty sword and batted the knife away, sending it to stick into a tree, pommel shaking. Killmack’s eyes went wide. Not only was this knight huge and physically powerful, but quick as lightning and skilled with his weapons. He looked down, thinking to grab Arthur and use her as a hostage, but she had already rolled to her feet and run to take a position behind the knight.

Throwing three more knives, Killmack turned and plunged into the forest. The Unknown Knight slapped them all away, then stood, staring at the space in the undergrowth where the man had vanished. “Do not let me see you again!”

“What are you doing? Go after him!” Arthur screamed. “He kidnapped me! He struck me!”

 “I am here solely to protect you, er, um, milady. I am at your service. Yet, I cannot pursue your attacker without leaving you alone and undefended here in this dangerous wood.”

It must be noted that even a man such as Arthur, now with a maiden’s form and a girl’s heart, couldn’t not help but find himself flustered by the sound of this manly fellow offering protection, devotion. Indeed, his cheeks blushed slightly and he cast his eyes downward, overcome with this strange new feeling. “What is your name, brave knight?” Arthur asked, in a silvery voice. “That I may thank you?”

“I am the Unknown Knight.”

“My thanks, Unknown Knight. And how did you know I was here? Indeed, may I ask if you even know who I am?” Arthur did not relish the idea of this mysterious man knowing that the maiden he’d just rescued from a most ignoble spanking was actually Arthur, King, but he was unsure who the knight was, and even if he could trust the man. Indeed, Arthur was rapidly developing a maiden’s instinctive insecurity as to the intentions of the male population.

The Unknown Knight paused, scratching the bottom of his helm. “I choose not to reveal how I knew you were here. Further, I prefer to keep any knowledge I may possess as to your identity a secret.”

“Truly?” Arthur said. “And would you do me the honor of showing me your face?”

“We must move from this place,” The Unknown Knight said, changing the topic. “The Huntsman may have allies.  I have your horse and your gear. I will serve as your protector, milady, and join you on your journey, if you will have me, of course.” With that the knight took Arthur’s hand, and began to lead him back toward the Huntsman’s cabin. 

Arthur pulled his hand free. “Do not be too familiar,” Arthur said.

“Of course,” The Unknown Knight answered. “I beg your forgiveness.”

As the Knight led the way, Arthur took in his height, his frame. It was clear the man was disguising his voice, but Arthur sensed he knew the man. Indeed, Arthur was discovering another advantage of his new sex, as his woman’s intuition began to assess the situation. For one, he felt certain he could trust this man and need not fear for his virtue. And another, well, it would only be a matter of time before he knew this brave gentleman’s name! He was clearly a true knight, and there were few who matched this man in strength and skill.  

As they made their way back to the clearing where the Knight had tied up their two horses, Arthur filled the Knight in on his quest. He mentioned only that he needed to capture a unicorn and was heading north to meet a druid he thought could help, but not why he needed to do such a thing.

The two rode north the rest of the day, a ride which took them out of the forest and into a country of rolling fields.  As the sun set, it lit up the neat rows of wheat once more in a golden light, and little plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the chimneys of the little farmhouses that dotted the countryside. “Perhaps we should seek shelter from these good farm folk?” The Unknown Knight suggested.

“I prefer to travel in secret as much as possible,” Arthur answered. Then, plagued by a sudden new impulse to be polite and considerate, he added, “But I do thank you for your suggestion, good sir.” Arthur, it seems, was developing a maidenly sensitivity to the feeling of others he quite lacked as a man.

“I see a place that will suit us nicely, then.” The two were not at the top of a large hill that looked down on a wide valley, and as the man pointed, Arthur saw a burnt out barn on the edge of the settlement, in an isolated nook near a creek.

“That does look most excellent,” Arthur said.

They made their way down the hill, among a twisty series of disused trails, and then came to the remains of the barn, which amounted to little more than charred beams sticking up out of the earth. The sun had set by the time they’d arrived, but a big, bright moon had risen, casting all in wondrous silver light. 

The Knight went about making a fire.  Arthur, meanwhile, was delighted to find some hay left over that was still good, and he brought it to the horses, who happily munched, neighing with pleasure.  Arthur smiled, petting their necks, and even found himself giving his horse a kiss behind the ear.  As a knight himself and an avid horseman he had always appreciated a good, healthy steed of superior breeding, but he found himself now rather falling in love with this beautiful horse. A feeling many a girl can identify with, and few men! “You are so pretty,” he whispered. “Such a beauty!”

The Unknown Knight’s horse whinnied, and Arthur went over to show him some love as well. “Oh, you are, too! I love you both!”

What did I just say? What am I doing? The man Arthur had been backed away, terrified and ashamed of the feminine outpourings he’d just displayed, and had not even questioned. I feel I am becoming quite a damoiselle, Arthur thought, fretting over it. I must remember I am a man!”

A tidy little fire crackled merrily when he returned to the little camp they’d made, and the Unknown Knight sat there, propped on his bedroll. He’d laid out some jerky and dried fruit on a cloth next to Arthur’s bedroll. “Eat,” he said. “You need your strength.”

“Strength?” Arthur said, looking at his slender little arms. “I am afraid I am quite helpless. I thought I could defend myself, but that foul Huntsman quite easily overpowered me.” Famished, Arthur grabbed a piece of the jerky and began to munch on it.

“You are a slender and petite woman,” The Unknown Knight. “But perhaps not as helpless as you think.”

“What would you know,” Arthur answered, his mouth full of food, “being so big and strong? It seems women are not meant for lives of battle.” Even as the words left his mouth, Arthur remembered saying the very thing himself while still a man.  It didn’t strike him as so simple and just now.

“And yet when I was a boy, I bested men twice my size.”

Arthur narrowed his eyes.  Not only did the statement give him some hope for himself, but his woman’s intuition clicked all the little clues he’d gotten into place. He laughed, a sweet, woman’s laugh, full of pleasure at his discovery.

“Why do you find that humorous?”

“I am amused, Unknown Knight, because I have fathomed your true name!” Arthur said.

“Oh? And what is it?”

These chapters from Lady Arthur originally appeared months ago on my Patreon. There are many more as well as new chapters weekly, as well as another story, LIT RPG, currently running. Check it out and please consider supporting my work on Patreon!

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