Amazon Hates Me!

I kinda knew it. Amazon secretly hated me, but it finally came out a few days ago when I received an email informing my Kindle account had been terminated and I had been banned for life from ever posting books there again. They never gave me a clear answer as to why, but as a gender bendery kind of person, I am used to being excluded and given vague reasons why.

So, I am moving on. For now, other than a few books I have posted to Lulu over the years, my books will appear only on my Patreon:

Everything I’ve written over the past two years is there along with comics and other stuff, and I will gradually archive some of my older, pre-Kindle stories to the site over the next year. I am excited to start a new era and determined to build my Patreon into a success! Come join me!

6 thoughts on “Amazon Hates Me!

  1. Amazon’s action in banning you is a shame and a disgrace; and yet they happily leave up other books which are clearly pirated from other authors! What dishonesty!

    But I think it’s a pity that you’ve decided not to use another bookseller, but to publish your works exclusively on your patreon site. While I respect your, and any author’s decision to go down the patreon route, it does mean that your works will in future, in effect be available only by subscription. I don’t wish to do that, particularly in the current financial situation.

    Although you are one of my favourite TG authors, and I’ll enjoy rereading what I’ve got, it loks like I won’t be reading much more of your work. Which I regret. (Particularly not seeing Masculinity 2033!)


    1. Hey, PL– always great to hear from you! I totally understand on not wanting to get into a subscription deal. On thought– I will post here when Masculinity 2033 is complete– you could join, read it and un-join– cost $3! Thanks for your support, and if at some point I do post stuff elsewhere again, I will let you and the world know right here!


      1. Thank you for that consideration! I shall continue to subscribe to this blog, and keep a close eye on developments.

        BTW love the picture and your ‘instruction’ to Jeff Besos šŸ™‚


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