Brother Bewitched Continues

Scene from Brother Bewitched Chapter14

My graphic novel adaption of Brother Bewitched continues as the palace comes under siege and Serren is humiliated to find himself in a safe room with the women and children while the men fight. I have 14 chapters posted totally over 280 pages of original art. The story hews closely to the novel, but there are a few variations. Join my patreon today for as little as $6 to receive access to all 14 chapters plus more TG Comics, stories and captions.

Oh, heck, here’s another shot from the latest chapter:

6 thoughts on “Brother Bewitched Continues

  1. Hello! My name is Joel and I am writing this letter because of your books 🙂

    First of all, I’m a big fan of your “Brother Bewitched” story – I find it very well thought out, with a great plot and very bright, expressive protagonists (especially the princess, her family and her friends). I read with admiration the masterfully described transformation process of the former prince and his gradual acceptance of a new reality and a new life. Once again – I sincerely admire both the story and the talent of it’s author.
    As I learned, the story has sequels, which, I hope, are just as good as the first part. The problem is that they are nowhere to be found. As I understand, you published “Brother Bewildered” and “Brother Belligerent” by yourself, printed in paperback, and they were sold out and ended. But then I thought – after all, the author must have electronic versions of these books! And here I am, writing a letter in which I ask you for help 🙂 And one more thing.
    Unfortunately, I live in a country where it is quite difficult to make an e-purchase abroad. Therefore, it would be really wonderful and very pleasant for me if you would either just put the texts of these books in free access or send them to me on my e-mail. But if you do not have such opportunity (because of difficult financial condition or other reason), could you please, at least upload these books on your Patreon? Then I could ask someone of my friends to buy them for me (if there are no other ways to get them).

    Kind regards, Joel

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    1. Hey, Joel– so great to hear from you. It’s always fun to hear from a reader who enjoyed one of my books. It made my night. I am also flattered you made the effort to contact me about the other two books in the series. You have inspired me to put the other two books up on Patreon! I believe from your message you will be able to have a friend access them for you that way. I would love to hear back from you once you’ve had a chance to read them. Cooper/Kadee


  2. Hi! The first I wanted to say is thank you for putting these stories on your patreon. I’m sure not only me, but also many other people will read them with great pleasure.
    For me, things are not as good as I had hoped. I sent a letter to my friend, but he does not answer. I hope, maybe he will answer after some time. But anyway, thanks again!

    Kind regards, Joel


      1. Unfortunately no. I don’t know what exactly happened, but for now there is no connection with my friend. And about stories. I thought about it and realized that your stories and comics are a very sensitive question for you (they are what you do for a living, I suppose), so I apologize and do not ask you to send them to me. It’s absolutely OK, I’m not offended 🙂 I’m sure that my friend will appear online sooner or later and the issue will be resolved 😉 so thank you again for uploading them to patreon and giving all subscribers the opportunity to read them.

        A couple more thoughts about “Brother Bewitched” stories and how they compare to comics. In part 1, the characters are shown very well – Pattenia thinks, makes decisions, doubts – even until the last minute. The prince, despite the fact that he regularly smokes weed, is shown quite reliably – the shock of betrayal, the search for allies (unsuccessful), then attempts to come to terms with reality – well, yes, what else was left for him? Unless to step upside down from the balcony or steal a knife and stab someone (or himself). Little attention is paid to the queen – starting from the middle of the plot, Annya rarely appears, although, logically, it would be she who should have bothered over Serren like a hen over a chicken. But there is an intrigue on the topic of seizing power – the specific princes are playing their game, as is usually the case.

        Compared to history, comics are greatly simplified. Serren was turned into a princess for no reason other than his sister’s lust for power, a scene of public humiliation was introduced (in the book, Pattenia expressly forbade mocking him), a certain Lord Devin was added – how I understood, as a future love interest. Actonia, from the servant of Goddess become a sorceress, who wanted to get the new-created princess for her own enternainment. Yes, the comic is very good – but the book is definitely much better. I think I already said that, right? )))


      2. I prefer to think of the novel as more complex rather than better, but I do understand your points. These differences you have noted were all conscious artistic decisions aimed at streamlining the story and, at risk of giving away a sort of spoiler, going for more of a YA romance angle, where one of Serren’s challenges will be deciding which boy to choose!


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