Extraordinary Girl: Free Sample!

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A secret massage parlor. A mysterious contract. Paul never thought a couples massage could go so terribly wrong.

Please check out a free sample of an erotic story of TG transformation now on Gumroad! 

8 thoughts on “Extraordinary Girl: Free Sample!

    1. I’m afraid not. I called and talked to someone and thought things were looking good, but in the end was denied again. I’m just moving on for now. I may let the dust settle and try again somewhere down the line, bot for the foreseeable future it will be Patreon and Gumroad.


      1. Well if you get any good news on Amazon and I am still not sure how how come you got bad for that story about Thor as a teenage girl when it wasn’t all that offensive?


      2. All they kept saying was that I had provided “misinformation.” When I asked if they could specify the nature of the misinformation, they declined. I am also surprised that story got me banned. I don’t understand it. However, they can do what they want with their comany.


      3. This is a make sense my guess someone pay them off or something they don’t give you answer that has to be it they’re being very rude literally hear you out and give you a proper answers and how can you make up for it.


      4. Yes. That’s what I was hoping, that they would explain the problem and give me a chance to fix it. Instead, I just kept getting robotic responses. So, that’s it for now.


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