Review: She’s Got Muscles!

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If you enjoy stories of physically dominant women, you will love SteeleBlazer’s new ebook, Woman-Handled. Woman-Handled tells the story of a couple redefining their relationship. The man assumes he is the dominant partner because, well, he is a man, and in this story we watch as his wife demonstrates to him the error of his thinking.

SteeleBlazer lovingly portrays the acts of physical dominance, while the wife, as a first person narrator, explains and conveys the backstory. We are not talking magic or science fiction. The wife is stronger because she went to the gym and pumped iron and built her body up.

SteeleBlazer informs me this is the first of what will be many new eBooks featuring strong, dominant females. The two of us have collaborated a few times in the past, and I am looking forward to more of their work.

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