Masculinity 2033: Now on Patreon

The Hive has landed!

My classic, bestselling Masculinity 2021 series reboot! Masculinity 2033 reveals how the life of one man, now named Katherine, is transformed by a matriarchal, alien race who comes to Earth promising total equality between the sexes.

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5 thoughts on “Masculinity 2033: Now on Patreon

  1. The two volumes of the ‘Masculinity’ Universe was always my favourite among your series. You may remember you gave me permission to post some captions set in that universe. I presume ‘reboot’ means some (?a lot of) new material – I note you have a protagonist with a different name. Your lucky Patreon supporters! I shall wait, patiently but with excited anticipation, for you to post it on Amazon. You can’t fight The Hive; The Hive always wins!


    1. Hey, PL! Yes, I do remember! This is a whole new story set in The Hive universe and moved ahead to 2033. The major new wrinkle is that this story focuses on a man who is not in a relationship. Such men are referred to as “shames” as in “it’s a shame he hasn’t found a husband” or “unclaimed.” They all are also required to wear the dress and chain link bracelets and belt seen on the cover in order to help them, The Hive claims, find a woman to free them from the bondage of the sad, empty life of a single male. Of course, the only thing any boy could ever want in the world of The Hive is to marry and have babies, but Katherine for some reason, just doesn’t want that life! I’ll be sure to post here when the book comes out on Amazon, but it will be awhile! Great to hear from you.


  2. Since I don’t have a wife, partner or ‘significant other’ in Real Life, I think thuis might particularlt speak to me; I’d be a ‘shame’ in a world controlled by The Hive. I just hope I’d be pretty, as I see from the cover that Katherine is!

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