Another Spooky Gender Swap

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The Books of Blood - Volume 5

Many years ago now, a new horror writer emerged on the scene by the name of Clive Barker. He was heralded by, among others, then reigning master of horror, Stephen King, who wrote, “I have seen the future of horror, and he is Clive Barker.”

One of his early works, appearing in Volume V of the Books of Blood series, featured a man who wants to restore an abandoned pool facility. When he and a local mobster he hopes to partner with visit the pools, they are surprised to find a gaggle of naked teen-age girls who flee from them. Both men are– intrigued. The man goes back later, to find a strange pool in the middle, which he swims in only to find himself later transformed into a woman. His girlfriend is not into it.

More interesting to me was the mobster, a man’s man type who loved to surround himself with beautiful women. We learn that he believes himself a ladies man, and a man who loves women– the sounds of their voices, their bodies… he does not take it so well when he finds breasts blossoming on his chest as he begins to transform into one of those ladies he professes to love so much.

I’ve probably given away too much already. It’s a surreal, trippy story from the man who brought us Hellraiser. Check it out on Amazin. There is also a comic book adaption in issue #4 of Tapping the Vein.

The Madonna

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