U and Me on Amazon

Two teen-agers, a jock and a nerd, switch bodies. So goes the plot summary of U and Me on Amazon Prime. This 1987 gender swap comedy from Asia is particularly interested in gender roles and expectations, and we see both characters suffocating under the expectations of their new genders.

The female in this story has been raised to polite and meek. Once trapped in a male body, the other guys see her as a sissy, and she is subjected to relentless bullying. We also see her suffering extreme discomfort as she finds herself engaging in innapropriate behavior — entering the boys’ bathroom and shower, going to the beach where she is expected to take her shirt off (she doesn’t).

The guy meanwhile finds himself being subjected to the pressures to be a proper young lady. He is urged to watch his language, to be polite. His new mother makes him come shopping with her, telling him he needs to learn how to shop because he is a woman. In the movie’s best scene, he makes a speech in front of the school on how unfair life is for girls, where they are forced to always be polite and lady-like while boys can do “whatever they want.”

It’s a fun and interesting film that also has some of the usual beats– they guy realizing he has boobs he can play with, having his first period. For a time, he settles into his life as a girl, but both of the characters eventually come to feel they can’t live as the opposite sex. It’s well worth the watch. Check it out!

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7 thoughts on “U and Me on Amazon

  1. Thank you for sending me the pic and info about the movie I will look it up.by the way any info about the multiple ending story’s and are you going to make a second female Conan book I hope he gets away and turn back into a man again.


    1. I finished the first draft of the multi-story today! Now, I just need to edit and format. It should be up in a few days. This one has a unique twist!!!! We’ll see about Conan. I have some ideas for a second story, but not sure…


    2. Joseph! I have submitted the manuscript and am just waiting on Amazon. And, I will now reveal my little secret! in this book, not only does the reader get to choose what the characters do sometimes, but you also get to choose how the main character’s body changes! I am calling it a You Choose The Changes adventure! I will be posting all when the book comes out, but just wanted to give you a sneak peak since you have been so supportive the whole time!


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