The Assignment (Spoilers)

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First of all, let me say this movie is not so bad.  I have seen the word terrible attached to it many times, but to me I would rate it average as a film in the revenge/payback film noir genre.

The main characters is betrayed.  He then systematically hunts down his betrayer.   Most of that hunting down involves him walking around shooting people without ever being remotely threatened himself or even challenged.  He walks in and shoots.  People die.  There is tension and no struggle.  He shoots.  They die.

There is very little here for fans of TG fiction, especially if you are interested in media that really explores gender identity.  The character is given a forced sex-change, and after initially freaking out when he wakes up to his new face and female body, he just goes right back to acting and dressing the same way as he always did.  He doesn’t seem to really even care all that much, but just throws on some guy clothes and goes back to being a thug.

A few times, he is spoken to in demeaning ways based on his new sex– someone calling him babe or sweetheart, but it seems to have no impact on him at all.   He just shrugs it off like it didn’t happen.  Likewise when he, for no clear reason, decides to dress up in a sexy women’s clothing and heels, even donning a blonde wig.  He acts just like he’d put on his usual leather jacket and hoodie, and doesn’t seem to care at all about how he looks or what it might mean in terms of how he is treated.

In addition, the movie features a framing story where Sigourney Weaver, the doctor who performed the surgery, is being interviewed by Tony Shaloub.  This is mostly just an exercise in lazy writing, with lots of opportunities for exposition dumps and a pointless cat and mouse game where nothing really seems to be at stake.

The motivation for the sex-change is thin and unconvincing, and in the end the biggest problem for me is that I didn’t care about any of the characters.   If anything, the villain Honest John  was more charismatic and likeable than the hero, Frank Kitchen, so I didn’t much care whether he got his or not.

Still and all, I would say it’s an okay movie, the kind you watch on a rainy day.   It’s okay, but just okay.

2 thoughts on “The Assignment (Spoilers)

  1. I couldn’t wait to Read this book, TG.
    Thank you for a horrifyingly good Time at the mall. As poor misguilded, & vengeful lad Danny is slowly forced to turn into the bubble headed girly teen.
    Getting his Just deserts, Dannelia is trying desperately to understand his cruel, & incredible transference into his newly created self. He begs lusty dummies, phantoms, & an disembodied voice. That only continues to prod him towards his Femdom.
    I only wish you could have detailed a change in his panties, since Mimi was so good at tricking him, hypnotically, & even subtly.
    But by far, the mall store scenes being my favorites.
    Danny being urshered over to his continual forced, feminized free make over, tho felt too rushed & done, before I even got a sense of his torment.
    A purse does not make up the female subject.
    Still I gave you 5 Stars on Amazon, because I love this exciting tale of revenge, personified. Erotic genre
    Among other fetish, light kink, &
    I feel too many writers accept the same story, no lushness to their Characters, same ol gender swap, stories. No one wants a book to read from a thoughtless offering. just to sell something.
    Or they don’t proof read their fine work. & that saddens me, because of the lost potential that could still exist.
    I even hoped Danny was going to just be turned into another pretty mannequin, & displayed in whatever sexy female entire the sales people decided to dress his helpless forever fem form in. As one tear appears to form in his tortured pretty eyes. Forever 21
    You could have allowed your readers a last spoken word to the wise, how Mimi was able to get to poor Danny, was she in his mind?
    Cause that would explain her control, over his lack of motor skills, lack of better judgement, & his inability to save his masculinity from being taken over, so subliminally, flawless plot.
    Well I just wish Night Gallery at the Mall was longer cause I was hooked.
    I couldn’t put it down, I did enjoy it.
    The Perfume picture was so perfect so ultra feminine, so perfectly lovely.
    But I found the other pictures, to truly be lacking in Femdom Sexiness.
    & No panty shot, disappointed in that.
    So many writers use panty shots all the time, but for the wrong effect.
    Night at the mall, needed the proper panty shot.
    Other wise, TG maybe you could just leave them out altogether, & allow your readers, to imagine on their own, the explanations were fine enough I got it!! Lol.
    One last helpful note:
    Danny never got a manicure, & pedi, from the male mannequins.
    That would have been both humiliating & yummy too. & added to the on coming death of Danny, & creative continuation to pretty brainless girly, boy crazy, Danielle.
    Of corse a forced & Extreme hormonal cream, un foreseen shower stall attack from the mall Fitness gym, before he found himself stripping off his drenched clothing, from the too late penetrating creams onslaught the bra & panty scenes, in Victoria secret would have set him up, for a really interesting result, & just made his transference a little more believable. & through out the night, his realistic change, even more delightfully tragic for him. As Mimi smiles, so wickedly heartless for her helpless boy victims, ordeal.
    & TG, I was so let down by the books cover, showed too much, should have left more of a Victoria Secret, hint, hint.
    Seriously Loved your originality!!
    Please keep on doing more of automatic machine, forced feminizing.
    It turned my kink light way up. Danny’s delightful helplessness, given no choice. Loved it!
    & even tho he wanted to be an a- hole to poor Miranda.
    His relentless against his will, torments, was too delectable for me to not read it again, right away.
    Thank you TG
    Thank you so much!!
    Absolutely Fun!!
    & steaming hott!
    You got a new fan here.


    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to write. It was a lot of fun to write this story, and my second successful collaboration with the mysterious Anonymous. It makes me happy to know you enjoyed the story!!!


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