Zerophilia and the Freedom to Choose

Warning:  Spoilerish Material Included!


Image:  Luke in female form with his best buddy.

Do you want to be a guy?  Or a girl? You can be one or the other, but not both. You have to choose.

This message is delivered to Luke, the main character in Zerophilia, who has discovered that he can switch sexes.  His buddy wants to him to stay a dude and can’t understand why anyone would want to be female.  His buddy’s girlfriend, on the other hand, thinks it would be fine if he decided to become a girl full time, and she even buys him a dress.  They all tell him they are fine with whatever choice he makes, but they do want him to make a choice.

What does Luke want?  Luke wants both.  He is attracted to both men and women, and though he rebels against the notion of becoming female, he ultimately goes so far as to put on a dress and make out with a boy he has a crush on.  Luke is not only ambivalent when it comes to his sexual interests, but he is sweet and sensitive while also loving sports and driving around in a big truck.  In other words, he lives in a world where he is both masculine and feminine, and he has never been able to choose just one.  This beautifully blurry existence continues even when he is unwillingly trapped in a female body.

The film has a happy ending for our protagonist and a positive message for those who shift along gender lines.   It turns out that all Luke needs to do is find someone else like him, someone else who kinda sort likes being both masculine and feminine.  When Luke does find his “soul mate” we see their relationship in montage; sometimes Luke is the girl, sometimes he is the guy, sometimes they are both guys, sometimes both girls.

The films message?  Those who don’t care to choose don’t have to choose.  They just have to seek out their tribe and find people who are cool with gender fluidity.

Check out the website, and Zerophilia is currently available on instant video as well!


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