Enter The Drake!

People, please meet the remarkable human being and cinematic wizard, Drake Woodall, who has graciously joined the Weird. Not Weird team. I will share more on Drake’s remarkable humanness later. First, let me say– Drake knows how to use a camera to tell a story. You’ve got to check the work on his website: https://drakewoodall.com/ Just look at this image:

You should be sure to check out his multi-award winning short film Soot, currently entered in the New Jersey Film Festival

Drake will bring his cinematic eye to Weird. Not Weird. This is a true force multiplier in that it also frees up Allison Brooks to focus on her acting. Plus and plus. Which brings me to the remarkable human being portion of this blog. Let me tell you the story of how The Drake happened to become part of this crazy little production.

I’m sitting on the porch, exchanging emails with Ian Hayes, the actor who plays our main character before he gets gender swapped into a woman. You’ll meet him a few days. Great guy.

So, in the middle of that, I get an email from Allison. She has a friend who’s a film maker who would like to help with the project. I ask to see some links. I need to see the work. It seems doubtful to me based on my interactions with Allison should would suggest someone who is less than awesome, but– this is a passion project. I’ve invested a lot of time. I don’t want just anyone coming on board.

I watch the links. I am going nuts. It’s really great stuff. Now, I’ve gone from “I’m not sure” to– I can’t afford this guy.

I call. I tell him I basically have no money. He says, “I just want to help my friend, Allison.”

That’s a good friend.

So, I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight. I am so fortunate and so excited that we will be bringing an even better show to the TG community! Keep checking for more updates!

Introducing Allison Brooks!

Allison Brooks

Introducing actress, model, photographer and former gymnast, Allison Brooks. who will play James Elkes in the upcoming web series Weird. Not Weird.

The man Allison plays, James, an entitled bro, feels so comfortable in his sense of male superiority he lacks any awareness of it. It’s a shock and a major challenge to his assumptions about the “weaker sex” when he finds himself just one of the girls.

Allison brings incredible talent and charisma to the role as well as invaluable skills as a photographer. In addition to playing James, Allison will also serve as director of photography, showing off her many talents as a true collaborator and partner in the creation of Weird. Not Weird.

Follow Allison on Instagram and get a sense of her skills as a photographer as well as her captivating eccentric energy.


I’ll be posting more video and other updates updates, so keep checking in here to see what’s up. In the meantime, take a look at the opening credits! I hope you will join the party on Patreon!

I have found my man! (You’re gonna like her!)

reward item

Hey, folks. Very excited to say I have found the perfect actor to play James Elkes, the man who gets gender swapped in my upcoming web series! A model and super talented actor, I can not wait for you all to meet him– I mean her.

Actually, I kind of have to wait as we have not signed the contracts yet. However, I am hoping we get all that nailed down by tomorrow, so look for a chance to meet the “man” of the hour tomorrow. What I can tell you now is that she auditioned by doing two key scenes, the first being the one where James first wakes up to discover that he now “looks like” a woman. I say looks like because James male ego struggles for a long time to accept that this is all real and that he has now become a member of the “weaker sex.”

This actress knocked it out of the park. She added so much to the scene that as a writer I was just on my feet applauding. I looked at quite a few actors for this role, sifting through hundreds of performers on Backstage. There were a lot of good ones. But this one is the ONE who is perfect for the part. One thing I love, and you will see this if you watch the show, is that she is fearless. Absolutely fearless.

Folks. Let me tell you something: you are going love this performer. She has talent!

Okay. I just couldn’t contain my excitement. Look for the big reveal tomorrow, as well as a little taste of the show! The Patreon will launch soon. I hope to see you all there so we can make incredible art together!


I’ve been writing. a lot about my webseries and for good reason: it’s really cool. I’ve written and rewritten the scripts, and it is going to be so much fun. However, the webseries is only part of my Patreon. The other part will consist of high quality and super fun gender swap fiction. You know, the old fashioned kind of stories made with words on a page?

And do I ever have something special for you! Welcome to Carrolwood Future Quantum Day School, where even the elite aren’t good enough. The students at Carrolwood make up the uber elite, and they all know it.The most elite of the uber elite, the smartest and most popular kids in the whole school are seniors Carl Bright and Sunni Lee. They hate each other. I mean, like, epic vampires versus werewolves level hate. Each intends to be named valedictorian of their class, and they expect their senior year to be another year of them competing for the top prize. But then, well, things go sideways. Carl begins to slowly change into a cute young woman,, while Sunni finds herself becoming a strapping young man.

Who is doing this? Why? Can it be stopped? Forced to work together, will the bitter rivals fall in love? Will Carl ever master the French braid? So many questions, and all of the answers will be coming soon!

Carrolwood will be a novel length story, released in weekly installments as one of the tiers on my Patreon account. I am working very hard on it, as I want it to be something really special for my patrons. Get your dancing shoes, people, because you are all invited to the TGK Party, and it is gonna be a blow out!

The Auditions Begin!



I just bought my first bra.  Hooray for me. My little sisters would be giving me so much shit right now.

Yikes! So, progress continues on my gender swap webseries: No, Not This. I put out a call for actors on a community forum where I know a lot of really talented people hang out, and I have received some really exciting submissions. I hope to have the lead cast by the end of next week.

It’s a challenging role that will give the actor a chance to really shine with so many emotions and conflicts. They need to be able to embody a masculine persona, and then gradually shift toward a more feminine identity. The audience should feel all the feels as James goes through his journey. I am drawing on some of my own experiences for this show. It’s my most personal project, and it’s scary and exciting for me. This story is for the gender fluid community, and I am working very hard to make sure that it is worthy of the audience.

I have also been working on my Patreon. I hope to find enough support to keep making shows, and when the pandemic is over something more ambitious. Right now, I am looking at the limitations as an opportunity to innovate. How can I use the current situation to create something special? Once the first season is ready to roll, I will open up the Patreon and hope to see a bunch of you at the TGK Party.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and have fun!

Thanks and update

First, thanks to those who sent me encouraging words. I really appreciate it, and it is helping me push through. I read a line once. I can’t remember where. It goes like this: The bigger the dream, the greater the resistance.

So, starting the Patreon and creating a web series is a pretty big dream for me. Therefor, pretty big resistance. But, I am so determined to put out great web content for the the fans of transformation stories, for fans in the LGBTQ community.

So, again, thanks.


I spent the last couple days revising the scripts. I feel pretty good about where they are right now. It’s a classic TG story. Guy wakes up to find he has turned into a woman. He doesn’t know how or why. Each episode will run from 5-10 minutes.

It’s a drama, not a comedy, and the series explores notions of gender and identity through this lens of spontaneous gender swap. I have always been interested in these kinds of mythological kinds of stories that deal with the basic questions. Who am I? How do I fit into this world?

Next, I start looking for an actor. This is big. I need to find someone who can embody a lot of different emotions. Someone who, due to the Covid situation, can self tape. Someone who can play the whole gender spectrum. This is big. I just have to do the work. I know that performer is out there. It’s my job to find them.

Okay. That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.




I have finished the scripts for Season One of my web series, and I am now going back and revising. This moves me closer to the search for an actor, and since I want to share it all with everyone as I progress, I have to admit that I woke up this morning with one clear thought in my head: the web series and Patreon are terrible ideas.

The worst.

What was I thinking announcing this stuff? As if anyone would even care. Who am I to think I’ll get any supporters? Or that I will find an actor? Or that my series will be anything but a tragic act of vanity?

And yet, the thought of NOT doing it feels like such a cop out. The only thing stopping me is fear. Or potentially stopping me. And the fear is that this will fail. I won’t get any supporters. I won’t get any viewers. The actor will hate me for setting them up to be in an unsuccessful project. On and on, the fears ran through my mind all morning.

So, what now? For now, I work on the scripts. I get them ready, make them as good as i can make them. I work. Maybe I will lose my nerve never find an actor. Maybe I will never move beyond the script phase.

Or, maybe, knowing full well the whole thing could be a huge disaster, I will just do it anyway. We’ll see. Today, I am working on the scripts. Tomorrow will be tomorrow.


What’s happening, people? I am writing you today with a whole new sense of purpose and excitement about my creative projects! To get right to the biggest news, I want to announce that I am challenging myself by writing scripts and producing a gender swap web series! The series will follow a regular, everyday bro who wakes up one day to find he has been transformed into a woman.

Related to that, I am also creating a Patreon which will feature both exclusive short stories and novellas as well as my video productions.

I’d like to share some of my WHY. Here goes. First, video production has upfront costs, starting with paying my actors. So, yes, money is a part of the equation. I also want to create more of a sense of community with my followers. Over the years, I have been blessed with excellent sales of my books, but I feel I am creating in a vacuum a lot of the time. Via Patreon as well as this blog, I will be sharing more about my creative process as well as asking for more feedback and input from the audience.

My dream is to create a vibrant dialogue between us, so my work can become more a reflexion of a shared vision. Crazy? Maybe. Let’s find out.

Lastly, I am looking for ways to challenge myself and grow as a creator. I’ve been a little down lately, struggling to rediscover the excitement I felt when I submitted my first story to fictionmania. I was terrified. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and it was GREAT. One of my favorite directors is Danny Boyle, and he talks about how he is always trying different things so he can keep that sense of NOT KNOWING.

I am thrilled to be creating new works that challenge me. And I am committed to finding ways to make everything BETTER than ever. The Patreon will be opening up in a few weeks, and I hope you will join team TGK for the adventure!

Stay tuned for more information and announcements and thank for reading!

New ebook!

It’s been a little while, but I have a fun new TG ebook out co-written with up and coming writer M.N. Murdoch. This is a fun, campy comedy with some classic TG moments featuring two alpha male tough guys getting feminized as part of a game show. Free sample at the links below, and if you like it please leave a review!

United States. United Kingdom. Germany. France. Italy. Spain. Netherland

Australia. Canada Japan. Mexico. Brazil India

Enjoy and keep on changing!

Gender Fluid Film New to Amazon

The 7 Best Korean Movies on Netflix to Level Up Your Korean ...
In foreground, Woo-jin is one of his female shapes.

Every morning when Woo-Jin wakes up, he finds he has transformed into a completely different person– he may wake up as any gender, age or ethnicity. When the film The Beauty Inside begins, we find him at a place in his life where he has fallen into a routine, working for himself, living largely in isolation and just making the best of his situation.

Of course, that would not be much of a movie, so he soon falls in love with the beautiful Yi-soo, and begins to pursue her though she, at first, has no idea the various people who come into her store are all the same admirer. Finally, he asks her out to dinner, and as the two fall in love he is forced to risk telling her the truth about who he is and how he changes all the time into new people.

Without going any more into the plot, let me say this is a first rate Korean Romance. It’s billed as a rom-com, but it really lives much more in the world of drama, with beautiful cinematography, poetic scenes and heart-wrenching emotions as the two struggle to make their impossible relationship work.

Ueno Juri Chooses 'Beauty Inside' As Her First Korean Movie
Another of Woo-Jin’s female incarnations

The main character spends a fair amount of time as a female, and some of the most poignant and heart felt scenes occur when he is female and opening up to Yi-soo. For fans of TG elements, there are a few sweet moments: getting hit on by his male friend, shopping for his first bra and being so nervous and self-conscious he ends up running from the store, having a “mother daughter” tea with his Mom. One little detail I enjoyed was that as a female, he is often shorter than his girlfriend, and it seems like he is the femme in their relationship at some times.

It’s a good watch. Here’s a link:

The Beauty Inside