Lost Manuscript Discovered: La Demioselle Arthur

In Which The Author TG Kadee dost reveal the discovery of forgotten lore.

I am very excited to share with you all that I have, indeed, discovered a long forgotten manuscript which relates of the time King Arthur found himself transformed into a maiden faire, and did set forth a quest along with his trusty friend, Sir Lancelot, to tame a unicorn and regain his lost manhood. Further, it relates how the nefarious Mordred and his mother, the diabolical Morgana LeFey, did scheme to use trap Arthur in female form, and steal his crown.

The story takes place firmly within the tradition of courtly romance. There is passion, intrigue, honor and nobility. Arthur finds himself in numerous entanglements and intrigues, adventures and plots. He is determined to be yet a man no matter what shape his body takes, but what to when he might better reach his goals with a pretty smile than an iron fist?

I will begin releasing the story in chapters starting April 5th! http://www.patreon.com/tgkadee

29 thoughts on “Lost Manuscript Discovered: La Demioselle Arthur

  1. Hello it’s been awhile how have you been I’m doing okay with this virus in the air it makes us lazy. About the new Arthur book what can you tell me about it so far will other men be turned into woman Will this have chapters were you choose which path you would take?


    1. Hey, Joseph— great to hear from you. The virus has been challenging. The Arthur story mostly focuses on Arthur and his transformation. I am not planning on any other swaps; however, I also often find myself veering off my plan, so you never know! No choose your own this time. I may write another one of those someday. The Arthur story is written in the world of chivalric romances, where the knights are sworn to protect women. But, what happens when Arthur is a woman?


  2. Hello again any news about when this book is coming out and it’s a story still PG and would it be like warrior girls book.


    1. It’s coming out right now on my Patreon account. I am posting a chapter per week. Once the whole story is out on Patreon, it will then be several months before I post it to Amazon.


    1. Hey, Joseph. Always good to hear from you! I actually don’t know yet! I am putting it out in chapters, and still writing. I can say it will probably be out by the end of August, though! Maybe I will post a little sample for you here in the next week. How about that?


      1. Yes thank you that would be nice and by the way will Arthur be in changes or in a Skippy slave dress and how do I become a patron?


  3. Ok but answer me this will Arthur turn from man to woman slowly like in brother Bewitched and how do I become a patron.


    1. I can’t tell you! As for the Patreon, I am sad to say I have decided to shut it down. Maybe I will post the Arthur story here for you. How would you like that? Just be forewarned it is not finished and may never be finished!


      1. Why not you’re a great patron and why are you why are you shutting it down you are a great author of amazing books and why is the Arthur book not to be finished?


  4. I did it right very well I was upset why are you not going to complete the Arthur book and why are you shutting down your patron site. You are a good author I love your books brother be which particularly for a good one heroes and warrior girls book is my favorite please don’t give up.


      1. Hey, Joseph– I guess I am not doing okay. Having some physical issues and maybe others. Just need some time off– not sure how long. Sorry to let you down! But, just trying to take care of myself right now.


  5. I would love to read what you have written down about the Arthur book you are working and I am anxious and really want to now what you have have made? I know you are on break but if you can send what you written I would love to read it. sorry if I’m being rude you’re a great artist I know you need to rest.


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