New book!

A brand new ebook? Yes, indeed! Commissioned and with a story by Natalie, this one follows the adventures of Colin, who decides he needs a massage. Anna, his massage therapist decides he needs so much more, and soon he finds himself transformed into a woman, struggling with feminine impulses and desires.

This story does feature an x-rated sex scene that I consider among the best I’ve ever written!

Check out a free sample!

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11 thoughts on “New book!

      1. Really thank you for telling me that’s it huh is there anything to tell me about what will happen in the story any gender swaps marriage or who will get pregnant please.


    1. Ok I’m excited for the book 3 to come out this December especially to find out if that jerk of a royal who try to assault prince now princess gets turned into a girl or something worse….. Oh and by the way the paperback books are great I read the first one but there was no number index so I couldn’t go to the right page quickly if it’s not too much trouble please put one in book 3 please I do not know if book 2 of brother Bewitched has a number index but please tell me if it does thank you


      1. Thanks for the pic of the cover of the new book it looks really awesome and amazing and if you have any new info about to book please tell me.


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