Rom Com: Something New!

Trying something different with my latest ebook, Rom Com. Written along the lines of a 1990s romantic comedy, Rom Com follows the meeting and then evolving relationship between two bros, Kelly and Blake. Kelly initially finds Blake arrogant and pushy, but the two end up hanging out anyway, with Kelly more and more assuming the feminine role in their relationship, both in mind and body.

Can Kelly stop himself from becoming Blake’s perfect girl? Does he even want to?

Find out!

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4 thoughts on “Rom Com: Something New!

  1. A new book ! And a romantic one… Nice… I hurry to Amazon…
    (the only thing that bothers me is that it will make Mr Bezos richer… 🙂


  2. Hello ! Yout last book is great, I enjoyed it a lot but it ends up too soon. One or two more chapters would have been nice.
    About Mr Bezos, when you write “This is a chance for him to be good”, what do you have in mind ? 🙂
    I think that if some spell turns him into a french maid, he/she would do much less damage, that’s sure. But I wouldn’t like the story: it would be difficult for me to empathize with the main character…


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