Just Released: FREEDOM


Bradley has always felt like a girl, but his whole life he’s suffered in fear, hiding his true self. What would his Dad say if he found out? His Mom? And, he’s sure all the other kids at school would laugh at him. But the girl inside Bradley longs to be free, and over the years she is determined to free both herself and Bradley from living a lie.

As some of you know, I have had the pleasure of creating several stories on commission from a wonderful person who prefers to be known only as Anonymous. Each of these stories has been a joy to write. I feel Freedom is the most special of all these commissions. Please check out a free sample at the links below:

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Australia Canada Japan India Mexico Brazil Netherlands

One thought on “Just Released: FREEDOM

  1. Here is my Amazon review about “Freedom”:
    The book starts in a “realistic” way and ends up in pure wish fulfillment fantazy.
    So I’m a fan of Cooper in general, and Cooper + Anonymous have done great jobs together before this book. I highly recommand “Boy gone blonde” if you didn’t read it already. This book is a little bit different. It’s more “realistic” in some way. The inner conflict the main character go through is typical about what a lot of TG people experience in their childhood. And when he discovers TG fiction, there are a lot of references any reader of the well known website Fictionmania will identify. After overlapping the “real life” in the first chapters, the book ends up in a classical, and very enjoyable way .


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