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Just a typical, silly boy obsessed with fashion and make-up. Kathy hopes his senior year will be amazing. He dreams of capturing the heart of Brett, the strong, athletic girl who drives all the boys crazy. That means he needs to make himself the prettiest, cutest, sweetest boy at his whole high-school, and will do whatever it takes.

But why does he have strange memories of a world where boys were tall and strong instead of soft and curvy? Why does constantly find himself wanting to be a girl? 

Welcome to GirlWorld, where all the men and boys have been feminized, and where women rule. This erotic novel contains R-Rated sex, gender swaps and gender bending in the extreme!


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  1. Just great. This one will become one of my favorite, I had read it twice already.
    No time now to say more but I’ll be back.


  2. Here is my Amazon review of “Boys trapped in a Girlworld”
    It includes spoiler. It’s in some way an answer to Unilateral’s review, that also includes spoiler, by the way.
    (To read all reviews, follow this link :

    Great job: Rarely I was so enthusiastic about a story!
    The story is well managed, with a nice mix of dream sequences (that Cooper does very well), real life episodes and flash back. The way the author plays with the gendered names and pronouns is a little bit suprising at first: male protagonists switch to female names but keep the masculine pronoums (he, his), and the other way around. But you will quickly be used to it, and it’s part of the atmospher.
    It’s clear for any reviewers (until now) that this book is a great mass transformation story as Cooper has already delivered in the past (Have a look on “Voices” and “Masculinity 21” if you want more). But from my point of view, this one is just the BEST the author has delivered, and I will explain why. WARNING, spoilers will come!
    – In Voices and Masculinity 21, the transformation was not complete, each gender keeping his/her most intimate parts. Nice for the people who like it this way, a little bit frustrating for the ones that like a fully achieved fantazy. In this book, Cooper has managed it in such a way it’s (almost) impossible to say if the transformation is incomplete or not. There is only a small indirect evidence that points in a direction, but you can easily ignore it and have the book perfectly matching your own fantazy, if it matters for you (it does for me).
    – In voices, there is a general switch back and a return to the previous order. In Masculinity, the resistance gets some partial success. Nothing of that in Boys trapped in a Girlworld. The resistance fails miserably. The fact that the main character awake at some time is just a way for him to surrender twice. When the main character considers waking up his friends, so feminine, so well fitting to the new world, I was thinking : “don’t do that, it would be just a shame…” ๐Ÿ™‚
    … and finally she doesn’t. It’s not even a decision: she is just too busy dancing on the football field, making himself pretty and kiss his strong girl friend to trigger the device that would wake up all the boys. She just gives up. She surrenders. And surrendering is nice… ๐Ÿ™‚


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