New Book! Conan: Lost Manhood

The once mighty warrior Conan, trapped in the body of a woman!


He lifted me off my feet, kicking, and threw me onto the bed.  “You’re being a very bad girl, Conan!”  He shouted.  “Time for me to teach you some manners!”

“I’d like to see you try!”  I screamed.

And then he grabbed a whip from a hook in the wall, and snapped it against the floor.

My mouth went dry as I stared at the braided coils of the bullwhip. “No! I’m a man….”  I whispered, my voice hoarse.  “Please. I’m … I am … Conan….“

Havok grinned and came at me.  I screamed.

Conan: Lost Manhood

Conan the Warrior, Conan the King, Conan the Maiden! Yes, a once mighty warrior and ruler of men has found himself transformed into a woman and stands naked before not only the man who has defeated him, but his wife. So begins a journey of humiliation and degradation for our hero as he struggles to come to terms with his new station in life– as well as terrifying new needs!

Now for sale, and FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!

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6 thoughts on “New Book! Conan: Lost Manhood

  1. You always do really well with fantasy and historical settings and this could be your best story yet. I hope you’re planning on doing a Conan series!


  2. I’m happy to see that other than me appreciated this story.
    As there were no reviews on Amazon, I left one. Here it comes:
    Conan vs Cooper: Don’t miss the match
    Here we have : Conana, masculinity parangon, and Cooper, a skilled writer that knows better than anyone how to turn an alpha male in helpless maiden. If you are in this kind of story, you wouldn’t miss this match at any price… The story reminds me of a classic published on Fictionmania website, “the defeat of Prince Altan”, but it’s only about the main storyline : Cooper’s style is unique, and this story has very interesting and unexpected twists. The dialogs involving the transformed Conan and his new master, in the front of all the court, is priceless.
    So it’s a great story, but IMO, there are two issues that prevent it to reach its full potential:
    – Conan’s wife play a too important role in the story. You learn in the end that all the plot revolve around her… that is rather a deception, because it devaluates Conan’s character in some way.
    – The story takes a twisted SM turn at the very end. It’s not about physical suffering, but rather about an elaborate mind torture. Possibly some readers will apreciate it, but I would have prefered something simpler.


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