Sneak Preview!


As promised, you will find a sneak preview of Your Memory Mine 2 posted below.  What can you expect from this book?  Well, in a word, MORE. You will find more body swaps, more action, more romance!  In addition, we find out the secret of why Dylan is so important, as he continues to grow and face new challenges as a young woman.

It’s a blast, and I expect to have it out by mid-February!


Dylan, shorter, ran as hard as he could, but he found himself trailing behind Kisa, being pulled along behind her, glancing back in panic as they ran around a corner and down a cobblestone street lined by old houses with lead windows. Kisa looked around for someplace to hide, slowing her pace so Dylan could keep up.  They sprinted down the narrow road, Chris and Nicki appearing from around the corner, shouting, “Stop! Hey!”

Kisa pulled Dylan down another, even more narrow side street, surrounded on either side by tall buildings of brick.  “We’re going to be trapped!”  Dylan cried out.

“Just keep up!”  Kisa said.

Dylan was gasping for breath, struggling as his chest heaved.  He hadn’t been training at all since coming to New Hope, and his body was telling him so.  “I can’t,” he said, seeing stars.  “I’m going to pass out.”

They came to an open warehouse, the steel door raised, and Kisa pulled him into the darkness, weaving through machinery and cargo containers, finally pulling Dylan behind one of the big, corrugated steel containers, letting him sink to the ground, gasping for breath, breasts heaving.  Kisa remained on her feet, creeping to the edge of the container, squinting out into the darkness, trying to calm her own breath, glancing back to see Dylan there, hugging his knees to his chest, his cheeks and nose flush.  He looked so pretty, so vulnerable, and she felt a powerful surge of testosterone.  She had to protect him.  Their eyes met, his wide, afraid.  “You’ll be safe,” she said.  “I’ll protect you.”

Dylan felt something in him twinge, felt himself flood with warmth.  God, she was so strong!  So brave.  “I know,” he whispered in a soft voice full of tangled feelings.

“They came down this way,” Sasha said, his voice carrying in from the street.  “I saw.”

“I did, too, but not whether they ran in here.”

“They must have.   They couldn’t reach end of street so fast.”

“Maybe we should split up?  I’ll run down there.  See if I spot them?”

“Okay, then.”

Syria ran off down the alley.  Sasha moved into the warehouse, each of her booted footsteps echoing.  “I know you in here,” she sang.  “I can smell Dylan’s perfume.”

“Shit,” Dylan whispered.

Kisa held her finger to her lips, crept back to where Dylan huddled on the ground, put her arm around him.  “Don’t move.  Don’t talk,” she whispered.  Dylan nodded.

They heard Sasha moving about, then pause,  There was a clicking noise, and then Sasha whistled.  “Come out come out,” she said.   Then they heard another sound, steel on steel. A metallic click.  “Do you know that sound?  I put a bullet in chamber.  When I find you, I’ll kill Kisa. We don’t need her.  But, if Dylan surrenders, I let her live.  Don’t you want to save your friend, little girl?”

Dylan looked at Kisa, eyes filled with concern, fear.

Kisa pulled him to her, kissed him on the head. Nodded, asking him with her eyes, Trust me.

If you haven’t ready Book 1, read it now by clicking HERE!

8 thoughts on “Sneak Preview!

  1. Nice preview. Everything works together to emphasize the TG element : the situation, the characters, the dialogs and the unexpected detail (the perfume).
    This is very convincing and appealing.
    But what about this : “MORE. You will find more body swaps, more action, more romance! ”
    My god, you don’t sell the romance by the kilo and it’s not the number of body swaps that make a great story… And action is nice only if it serves a purpose. But you know that better than me, so, I’m just teasing you… 🙂
    Seriously, how is this new book going ? I have no doubt you are investing a lot on it, as you did for the first volume, and for your series “Brother bewitched”.


  2. Hahaha. Thanks for the note. The book is coming along very nicely. I have been writing like crazy, really getting lost in the characters, the drama. A couple times I have woken up in the middle of the night, forced to get up and write a chapter that came to me while sleeping. As for the more– I know you are teasing, but I do want to say everything serves a purpose! Different characters react to their swaps in different ways, I get to explore my themes in more depth and from new angles….etc… I have been enjoying watching Dylan’s progress as he continues to discover who he is and can be, as well as the other characters– I may finish the first draft as soon as tomorrow, and then it is a week or two of rewrites and corrections before publication. How do you like the cover?


  3. Hello!
    I have no doubt that every body swap in your story has a purpose. I’m happy that you are so passionate about writing and I’m looking forward to your incoming story! 🙂


  4. Dear Cooper:
    Hello,I have read lots of your bodyswap stories,they are very great!
    Could you please make stories like this plotline:
    1.A policeman swap body with the wife of mob boss to deep undercover,but the wife of mob boss turn the table upside down who successfully break out and take over his life living with his wife and children and working as policeman. The policeman in mob wife body try to fight with the mob wife in his body to get his life back,but he find all his firends even wife now are his rival since they don’t know the truth.OK,two can play game,now he is the wife of mob boss,the mob boss can be on his side now.

    2.Could you make a caption series or story where a groom swap body with the stripper in his bachelor party by accident.The stripper persuade him that the should help each other to go on living each other life to pretend to be each other before they find how to swap back,or else others will think they are mad.During the period of honeymoon,the stripper in his body enjoy a lot with his loving wife,while he suffer a lot in the stripper life.Gradualy the stripper in his body love his life and his wife and want to resist swapping back.Now he has to fight to get his life back,but now he is the stripper and she is the welthy young man,it will be a huge challenge.Even worse his all friends,family and wife now are on the side of the stripper in his body,he has few chances to persuade them since he didn’t choose to belive them to tell them the mad story when the swapping occur,he choose to tell all information of his life and help the stripper to pretend to be him too well,which make the huge challenge for himself now.But two can play the game,with the information and help from stripper in the very early stage,he also can pretend to be the stripper very well,he decide to furtherly take over the identity and life of the stripper to fight.He will trick her friends,family,pimp and club boss to give him the help he need to fight to get his life back.

    Thank you!


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