New Book! Hot off the presses!


Hey, folks!  I have just released another book commissioned by the mysterious Anonymous!  It’s a fun read in which a young man finds himself compelled to broadcast his transformation to the world!  Outfit of the Week!

United States     United Kingdom    Germany      France     Italy    Spain

Australia      Canada     Netherlands     Japan   India     Brazil      Mexico  

20 thoughts on “New Book! Hot off the presses!

      1. They’re all great books and I love them and speaking of books I have an idea for a book I have on my mind if you want to know


      2. Thanks for the kind words! No ideas right now, please. Once YMM2 is done, I have a couple ideas an I also intend to write part three of Brother Bewitched to release in early summer. So, there is no room in my brain right now for more ideas! Hsve you consider writing your book youself? It can be fun.


      3. I know but I just want you to here my idea you know the story’s with multiple endings that you let the reader choose what happens and what the endings are. Like say this Prince or King have been turned into a woman and is Force to marry or be concubine to a Lord or a prince of a another kingdom and he is trying to escape he hase five paths to choose from one Leeds through a forest were a witch lives that may help him but there are many dangers that will stop the king or Prince from reaching her there AR many creatures that well want to imprisoned ravage or impregnate the now Prince or King and turn them into a servant or a mother. Or two he runs to fishing Village to find a boat so we can go to a island where a goddess it said to live there and ask her to turn the now princess or Queen back into a man but there are pirates slave Traders or sea creatures that would love to turn him into they’re plaything or merchandise. Or three run to a Neighborhood Kingdom of elves that he is friends with the king there to find a way to break the spell but the elf king has become very lonely after losing his wife and raising his son after seeing the now female King or Prince they might try to convince or woo him into staying a woman and be their wife and bear them a child. Or four travel to a dungeon we’re Legend speaks of a powerful talisman that can change the form of anything into whatever the user wants star many traps and other treasure Hunters that want to stop her or take her as a prize for themselves. Or 5 in a desert Kingdom where there is a powerful sorcerer who can help him become a man again but other people who want to stop him like a greedy Merchant who want to trick him to be a belly dancer or another mage who wants to capture her and bring her to the pharaoh that wants to put her into his harem. Or if the reader wishes not to leave the castle or gets caught and becomes the bride of whoever cursed him into a woman I know long list.


      4. I am happy to be of help and give you a great idea to a book like that. By the way what’s the age ranking of brother bewildered I just want to know please.


      5. Thank you for telling me also I was wondering if you knew any other Kindle books Prince into a princess king to Queen knight two female damsel other fairy tale books like that or a dragon turning a knight or Prince into a woman please tell me.


      6. Since I did not get a response from you yet of my questions I wonder if they got through yet just want to get a response.


      7. Jospeh! I haven’t been that active on my blog lately, so I just hadn’t seen your previous post on this question. There is a book on Amazon called The Frozen Balance which is all about a prince who becomes a princess. There is even a character named Serren! i think you might like it. Other than that, I haven’t seen any others lately.


      8. My apologies I was being impatient I know you have a lot of work to do and a life to get to my apologies for pressing you and being rude.


      9. Hey, Joseph. Always great to hear from you. Suffering a little bit of a lull. Haven’t written much since the end of January. So, I am not sure. Hopefully I can get back to work soon!


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