Gender bent Achilles Now Available!


Achilles, the fearsome warrior, living as a girl?  The story dates back to ancient times and has been told and retold in operas, epic poems and novels. (See my previous post on this subject for additional details!) Now, I have written my own 21st Century version of this tale in which Achilles’ mother lures him into drinking a magic potion that turns him into a maiden!  Soon, he finds himself living among the daughters of the King of Skyros, struggling to deal with his first crush as a girl!

It’s full of romance and gender bending fun as Achilles finds himself in love a girl who wants him to take on the role of the submissive girlfriend!

Links– and there are free samples to be read:

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7 thoughts on “Gender bent Achilles Now Available!

  1. Let me share with you that my week was exhausting and ended with a party where I experienced all kind of frustrations. Then I come back home late and realize that the life is not so bad, after all, because Achille’s story has been relaeased, and I will get it right now on Amazon ! 🙂


  2. It’s a fascinating story, different from your usual work in some way. There are not so much conflicts, if you consider the stakes. I had rather the feeling that things couldn’t have gone differently and that Achilles’ fate was written from the start. That’s what ancient Greeks called fate, I think. It gives the whole story a specific atmosphere I found both sad and comforting.


    1. Glad you liked it. I was concerned about the lack of conflict, but I just thought the story felt right and went for it. It was great to write. Thanks for reading and offering feedback. I may actually try and take a little mini-vacation from writing. I put out a LOT of stuff in the past month, so I might take a week or two off. Usually when I try this I fail, so we’ll see. Thanks, again, for all your support!


      1. I think I know a little bit about Greek myths, but reading you I realize there is still so much to discover. I really like this mythology, it fits well with your style. Whatever direction you’ll take, you always find an element that resonates with your story. Want beauty ? Ask Aphrodite. Want to be a good wife ? Here is Hera. And I keep it basic because there much more less obvious references.
        Whatever, You’ve worked a lot and you deserve vacations ! 😊


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