New Series Coming Soon!


I will release the first book in my new bare essentials line of quick reads soon and just wanted to give my erstwhile readers a look at the cover. I have to say I was inspired to write and release this series by Jessie Ash’s fun Mico Mini series, which if you like short stories with a TG twist, you should. The  bare essentials  series will feature brief, 10,000 word stories that aim to maximize your pleasure in minimized time.

The first book will feature legendary big game hunter Allan Quartermain, the character who served as the model for Indiana Jones.  Quartermain finds himself transformed into a young miss during Victorian Times, and must quest to regain his lost manhood all while dealing with the biases of his age regarding the weaker sex!

I will be releasing other series that will feature famous men from literary history dealing with feminine realities– all in the public domain, of course, and all of these quick reads will be priced to be easy on the old bank account.  My list of possible men includes  Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jeckyl from Victorian times, as well as mythological figures such as Hercules and Thor.

Who would you like to see reshaped into a woman and forced to see how the other half lives?  Comment, but remember the character must be at least a 100 years old so he has entered the public domain.

Oh, and there are still 5 books out there to be claimed in TG Kadee’s giveaway!  Enter to win!

2 thoughts on “New Series Coming Soon!

  1. I love the main idea and indeed Hector could be a good transformation target, but I would rather advocate for Achilles : After all, Achilles is supposed to be even manlier and therefore the transition more dramatic. And also, there is this old story they about Achilles :

    “Knowing her son was destined to die if he went to fight in the Trojan war, Thethis, a sea nymph, disguised Achilles as a woman and entrusted him to King Lycomedes, in whose palace on the isle of Scyros he lived among the king’s daughters. Odysseus and other Greek chieftains were sent to fetch Achilles. They cunningly laid a heap of gifts before the girls – jewellery, clothes and other finery, but among them a sword, spear and shield. When a trumpet was sounded, Achilles instinctively snatched up the weapons and thus betrayed his identity.”

    According to another version, Odysseus presented himself as a merchant and displayed in front of all the girls beautiful clothes and perfume, and also some weapons. The girls were admiring the clothes, but Achilles was looking at the weapons, and so Odysseus identified him..

    Sure that the original versions is rather frustrating… Would have been nice to see Achilles changed to the point he went for clothes and perfume rather than weapon, and reacted to sound of the trumpet as a frightened girl, and not as a warrior…

    But it’s another story, that maybe will be told someday… 🙂


    1. I love the idea. I had read a version of this, and somewhere I have a short novel that expands on the interlude. I could be fun to write a version where a spell is used to turn him into an actual girl. I will do this one. It’s on the list. In the meantime, I already started to write a gender bent story in the world of Neverland! It’s Captain Hook who gets femmed, and the story will fall into the enemies to lovers genre.


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