Kirk XII

It took all the will power Jim Kirk possessed to keep from jumping in and dancing with the other girls at aerobics class.  He loved to dance, and seeing all the other girls dancing to the music, he so wanted to jump in and move his body to the beat.  But, he’d worn his uniform, and his boots, and it wasn’t the right clothes to wear, so he contented himself with shaking his hips a little, doing a little step-touch, clapping and encouraging all the girls as they got their workout done.

When it ended, he spent a little time talking to the girls, and when he left he found himself buzzing with pleasure.  Dancing and chatting were like a drug to him now, and he was completely lost in thought as he made his way to the lunch room for a quick bite.  He would need something cute to wear to aerobics, and he ran through different options in his mind, not even aware of the way all the men in the room let their eyes roam over his body as he entered.


“Her legs go all the way from her ass to the ground,” someone said, and Kirk felt himself tense.

“She looks good coming and going,” someone else said.

“How’d you like to have her sit on your face?  Right?”

“I was thinking more about what she could do for me with that mouth.”

Kirk, who’d started to sit, got back up, tugged down the hem of his dress, and walked back out, his skin crawling.  He didn’t think he’d ever get used to men looking at him, talking about him.  He felt assaulted, unsafe, and he sighed, remembering Spock’s orders, and resolving to be more careful about going to public places alone.

He needed to continue his investigation.  Get out of this body.  He went back to his room and contacted Chekhov.  “Hi!”  He said, smiling.  ‘I hope I’m not bothering you?”

“Newt at all,” Chekhov said.  “I like always to see pretty smile!”

Kirk winced, but kept smiling.  “I wonder if you could help me?”  He said, hooking a strand of hair behind his ear.  “I need to investigate this whole thing with the transporter and everything, and, like, well, Spock doesn’t want me going any place alone, which, I mean, is silly and everything, but could you come with me?”

“Of course I helps.  I come to room now. ”

While he waited for Chekov, Kirk put in an order for some gym clothes.  He wasn’t ready for the short shorts and sports bra look most of the trainers sported, but he did get a white track suit with cute, red stripes on the arms and legs,  plus some white trainers with red laces.  He would be cute, but still a little butch, he thought, at the last minute adding in some hair ties that would match his outfit.

Chekov arrived.  Kirk took a quick look in the mirror, fussed with his hair, then went to the door, opening it, smiling brightly.  “Hey!”

“Devushka!” Chekov came right in for a hug, and Kirk accepted, feeling awkward as his soft breasts pressed against Chekov’s body.  Chekov held him tight, one hand running along Kirk’s back, tracing the line of Kirk’s bra strap, making Kirk feel very uncomfortable, but when Chekov ended the slightly too long hug, giving Kirk a kiss on the cheek, Jim just smiled, touched Chekov on the shoulder and said, “Thanks so much for coming.”  He knew it was expected of him.

“The pleasure, mine it is,” Chekov said.  “So, where does investigation go?”

Kirk told Chekov about the missing footage from the transporter room.

“If it is wiped, then no more can it be recovered.  I have cross-trained in this area.”

“Yes, but whoever did this thinks no one will know about them.  They made it look like someone beamed onto the ship and then erased the footage.”

“How this matters, not clear to me.”

“If they assumed no one would look for it,” Kirk said, his voice rising to a high pitch with all his girlish excitement, “they may not have…”

“Erase footage outside of the transporters room.  Or in hall on way!  Yes!  You are smart girl!”

Kirk once again ignored the comment.  “We need to get to the ship wide surveillance archives.  See if maybe they got careless.”

“Come along, then, devushka.  Let’s find the enemy within!”

Kirk found himself walking next to but just slightly behind Chekov.  It was conditioned into him, but he also felt more comfortable, safer, in that position.  Walking next to Chekov, who stood a foot taller than Kirk now, made him feel small, feminine, and both a little embarrassed and a little warm.   The men they passed still gave him the once over, but they were more circumspect, quicker, and Kirk was grateful for the protection Chekov offered.  They chatted as they walked, Chekov asking about Kirk’s new duty assignment, Kirk catching up with how everyone was adjusting to the new captain.

Finally, they arrived at Ship-wide Surveillance, an office tucked away all the way at the bottom corner of the ship, down a dark hallway that would have made Kirk nervous had he been alone.  He resisted the urge to reach out and take Chekov’s hand, but did walk a little closer as they made their way down the hall and to the office door.

“They should do something about the lighting down here,” Kirk said, softly.

Chekov smiled.  “I keep you safe.  Do not worry little face.”

The door to the SWS office slid open, and a short, balding man with a terrible comb-over and a uniform shirt pulled tightly over a fat belly looked up at them, glaring from behind thick framed glasses.  “What?”  He snapped.  “What do you want?”   SWS was the least popular office on The Enterprise or any star ship.  No one liked the idea they were being watched in the halls and public areas, and no one liked the guy in charge of the watching– in this case Till Wimpleton, who may have been something like a normal person at one time, but who had been twisted from his years serving as the most hated man on any ship he boarded.

Oh boy, Kirk thought, plastering a smile on his face once more, throwing his shoulders back a bit more, his breasts out.  “Till, so good to see you!”  He said, walking into the office, letting his hips sway just a little extra.  “I was wondering if—”

Chekov stepped in front of Kirk and interrupted.  “We need to see tape.  I use terminal over there.”

“Pardon me?”  Till said, eyebrows raised in fury.  “Excuse me?  You need to see tape?”

“Let me,” Kirk started, but Chekov raised a hand.

‘Theese is Captain.  She has higher rank.  You show tape. Cut the nonsense.”

Till folded his arms across his chest and raised his chin, his fat jowls quivering.  “Captain,” he said, nodding toward Kirk, his eyes falling to Kirk’s chest.  A smile crossed his thin, livery lips.  He looked back at Chekov.  “You are not authorized.”

Kirk put a hand to his cheek and hid his frustration.  Chekov obviously was not going to let him talk.

“Get out of way. Captain Kirk, she wants to see tape.”

“Well, then she will need to get permission from Captain Finnegan.”

Kirk groaned inwardly.  Why couldn’t Chekov have let him try and charm the little troll?  Now, he knew, it was hopeless.  A sad little man like Till Wimpleton had nothing more than the meager little bit of authority he’d been granted, and now he would cling to that like a life preserver.

“Do you wants trouble?”  Chekov said, stepping toward the little man.

“Captain Finnegan,” Till repeated.  “Captain Finnegan.”

Kirk put a hand on Chekov’s arm.  “It’s fine.  Let’s go.”

“I get permission,” Chekov said, not wanting to let Kirk down.

Kirk stood on his tippy toes and whispered in Chekov’s ear, “I’ll find another way.”

Chekov nodded, but he could not lose face in front of a pretty girl, so as he left he called back,  “You are what Russian calls persononek!  Piglet!   Squealing piglet!”

Till Wimpleton glared after the two of them, and when the door swished closed he whispered, “I know.”

Back in the hallway, Chekov fumed.  “That idiot!  Moron!”

“We just have to get permission.  Or else–”


“Hack into the system.”  Kirk’s stomach rumbled, and he remembered he hadn’t eaten lunch.  “Um, want to get something to eat?”  He said, not wanting to go back to his room, and still thinking about his next move.

“Yes.  This idea is good.”

They made their way to the nearest mess hall, where they were surprised to find McCoy and Scotty.  “Join us!”  McCoy shouted, waving them over.  The two men stood as Kirk sat.  They all four made small talk, ate, the three men all vying for Kirk’s attention, which made him blush and feel all mushy inside.  There was music playing, and when they had both finished, Chekov said, “Dance with me, devushka.”

“Oh,” Kirk said, a thrill passing through him at the suggestion.  “I shouldn’t.”

“Come,” Chekov said, grabbing Kirk’s hand.  “I can see in face you want to.”

Kirk let himself get dragged to a clear space, and he found himself in Chekov’s arms, dancing.  It was nearly impossible for him to say no to an invitation to dance, especially from a man.  His conditioning, still lingering, and part of that conditioning meant that he was filled with a joy and a thrill when he danced with or for a man that was near to ecstasy.  McCoy and Scotty cheered and waited their turns, each one eager to hold pretty young Jimi Kirk in his arms.




15 thoughts on “Kirk XII

  1. Nice chapter thank you for writing it and sorry I have not written a review yet. Chekhov and female Kirk make a nice couple I would like to see Kirk in the white jumpsuit she has and I still believe the new captain turn kirk into a woman and I hope you write more stories soon and thanks for brother bewildered I love and am still reading it.


  2. Finish Kirk ? Would be nice to learn more about his time as slave girl on this alien planet, And also see the plot moving on on the Enterprise. But don’t forget Achilles… and Pan… Ideally you should write a story with your left hand, another one with the right one, and the third one with your toes, using a specially design keyboard…
    Hope I’m not too demanding ? 🙂


    1. Thank you for writing back I’m happy to read Kirk again I hope you make more this great story and find out who turned Kirk anchor woman.


      1. Sorry, but I don’t think I will revisit those worlds. I feel like I told the stories that I needed to tell, plus I wrote them so long ago I really don’t even remember the characters or the plots all that clealy! However, I do promise to write MORE!


      2. Really I’m surprised they are great works and the man in the warrior girls are very inspiring how they overcome there feminine weaknesses and make it a strength like the Raven King who became the Swan Queen end tricking the king to get the Warriors helm while he thought they were weak helpless girls who could never be clever and trick him into thinking they had the helm all along. And princess king a selfish man becomes a sexy lovely princess and married to a prince and a mother. I am suprised that there is not a third book or the princess king gets kidnapped by some one after they finding out that the king is a girl and wants revenge on him like angry villager that want’s to get some payback after the king killed his wife or daughter or another king from a kingdom wants her as his concubine or Pirates with a grudge against a king wants her for a prize just a thought.


    2. Hahaha! Well, I am happy to know there is someone out there who wants more of my stuff! I sometimes think I should stop, or ask myself– do I really have more to say? So, it’s good to know someone wants more!


      1. I am glade my reviews convince you to continue the story I like the story of Kirk I love to find out what happens to him. And also if anyone else will be turned into a girl is a good story and I hope you make a lot more chapters.


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