Buy weird stuff while it lasts!


This may be my craziest idea yet, but I decided to post a bunch of gender bendery stuff on Redbubble and make it available in many forms– posters, notebooks, stickers, t-shirts and even mini-skirts.  All kinds of stuff! Of course, to wear these out would be bold, but there is plenty of stuff you could just have in your house!

In any case, even if you don’t buy, take a gander!  I will be adding new material regularly, and it can be fun just to window shop, right?

Look at it all right by clicking HERE!

11 thoughts on “Buy weird stuff while it lasts!

      1. Oh good picture looks like it could be a great story.and any news about any upcoming new books 📚.


      2. Are you going to write a sequel to squaw about the sheriff perhaps does he learn his lesson and turn back into a man or stays a woman and find happiness and redemption for all he did.


      3. Well will you write a sequel or not to the book 📚 squaw please and when is the new Star Trek gender swap book coming out please.


  1. I don’t have any plans for a sequel to Squaw. it was a one shot. I’ll have a new episode of the ST story posted to the blog this week. plus a new short story out on Amazon! In a few weeks, I am hoping to have the first draft of BB2 out for readers, so there is a lot happening!


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