Jumps and Spins: Figure Skating TG NOW!

Hey, folks!  My gender bender hockey player to figure skater story is now available!  It was super fun to write, and I hope you will check out the free sample, or just go ahead and buy it and read it!

I would love to see some 5 star reviews up there!   Or, just buy it!  My cat needs braces!

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11 thoughts on “Jumps and Spins: Figure Skating TG NOW!

  1. Enjoyed your book Jumps & Spins, however, despite author’s license, the story is a direct ripoff of the 1992 movie The Cutting Edge.


  2. I just bought the book but didn’t start reading it because I am busy with the Princess King right now.
    I have finished Brain Bitter. It’s well written. You have created a unique atmosphere and some emotion heavy situations. But it is also frustrating in some way. Let’s say that I expected more dramatic events earlier in the book. Maybe it is just my own appreciation, but possibly there is a construction flaw.
    Finally, I have five stared the goddess Zeus, that I like a lot. Zeus dreams and Ares journey have really hit my mind. Also you have a good feeling of Greek myths and I appreciate it.


    1. Thanks for reading and the feedback. I do think Brain Biters probably moves a little slow at first, but I hope the payoff is worth it for those who keep reading! Also, glad you liked Goddess Zeus. It’s one of my personal favorites, but it never did get a lot of love from the readers! You’re the best!!!!


  3. Hello
    I was a lazy reader recently but on purpose : I am not in a hurry to finish the stories I enjoy because I want to take the time for apreciating them…
    I like the way Jumps and spins starts and have the feeling it could be as good as the first of the series.
    And I have ended up the Princess King, a very nice fairy tale, simple and sweet. I will five stared it if I didn’t already. I like the parallel stories, one in the court, one in a humble farm. The part of the story involving a deer is also fine. I wouldn’t probably appreciate a whole story focused on that, but as it is, it’s a nice addition. I had the same feeling when reading these parts of the Goddess Zeus story involving a deer and a Tiger. Particularly the episode with the tiger. It’s a masterpiece and I plan to read it again soon.
    Now it’s time to look at your Kirk’s story to see if we have a new episode… 😊


  4. As I said I don’t think I would appreciate a whole book. Works much better as dreams or side additions to the main story.


  5. Sure. And I think it’s OK you go your way, even if it doesn’t match some of your readers expectations, including myself. Innovating is taking risk but in the long run I believe it pays.


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