Exciting news.  I have released both It Girl, What? and Your Memory Mine in paperback form!  If, like me, you enjoy a physical copy of a book you can lug to the beach or the park, rejoice!  In addition, they are both enrolled in Kindle Matchbook, so it you buy the paperback you get the ebook for FREE!


Your Memory Mine   



 It Girl! What?

Happy reading!!!!!  Look for a new installment of Kirk on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Paperbacks!

  1. OK, nice week end with a lot to read. I started with Kirk, I like your Star Treck fictions. Still very curious about what happened on this Macho planet, you know how to keep the suspense !
    Then I bought It girl, it’s nicely done but and finally I’m now reading “your memory…” I am just starting the story, and will come back to it right now ! 🙂


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