Interview with me!


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This may be an act of extreme narcissism, but just wanted to make you all aware of an amazing interview that is all about me!  Yes.  My favorite topic!  I am, truly, very excited as this is my first ever interview!   So, if you are or have ever been curious about my influences, writing process or thoughts on Agent 38, mosey on over to the link and read all about me!

Click Here to Read About Me!


6 thoughts on “Interview with me!

  1. Nice interview.
    I am not sure about but voice changing in the middle of a match in Team spirit… It is rather in one of your own story ! 😊


  2. Ok ! So let me remind you that the voices cracking in the middle of a match is the start of your story “Voices”
    Don’t you ever re-read your stories ?


  3. Fine ! Hope you get some satisfaction when reading yourself. Still, I feel for you because you never had the chance to read a TG Cooper story, fresh and new ! 🙂


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