Let There Be Blur on Earth!



Happy New Year everybody!   I feel like 2017 saw an unprecedented- at least here in America– continuation of the blurring and redefining of gender norms and identities.  There transformations have come about as a result of the species evolving, and largely due to the continued evolution in the roles available to women.

Of course, throughout history there have been strong women who defied the gender roles expected of them.  And throughout history there have been versions of masculinity far outside the lines of what it became in America for at least the last hundred of so years.

Since recorded human history there have been cultures where men were expected to be passionate and emotional, where men danced and made wore, where men wore what to modern American eyes looked like dresses.

To open our eyes to history is to realize that what it means to be a man or a woman has always changed and evolved.

Social evolution is out greatest asset, as we can change our social customs to match our evolving world in a generation , whereas the biological evolution take a lot longer.

Sadly, we still have those who fear change; these are usually weak, fear bound people terrified of their feelings who cling to artificial modes of past conduct as proof against the reality, observed so long ago, that the only constant is change.

Let’s have a great year evolving, daring, experimenting and above all else dancing!  There has never been a better time to be YOU!

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