Alpha Male Rising: New Book!



I just released my latest ebook!  Here’s a sample, and you will find links below!


He’s so hot.  I know.  My boss, the one-time alpha male playboy who slept with a different woman every night, was always sexy, but now he’s sexy in all the most ironic ways.  He’s perched on a stool his hands in his lap, knees together while Famke Nils, his make-up artist, applies lip liner to his plump, kissable lips.   The slender bra straps, bright white against his slender, tan little shoulders, strain against the weight of his D-cups, and I know at the end of the day he will gasp with relief when he finally gets to slip out of his bra, and there will be welts on his skin from the pressure of those straps, welts that will remind him that he is so much a woman now.

He’s wearing panties, so his long, coltish legs are exposed, and as Famke finishes his lips, Jenny Tam fluffs and fusses with his hair, and an assistant hurries to him holding his little dress, and he steps into it and stands, breasts out, shoulders back, as the girls zip him into a tight little black and white dress that hugs his curves and offers an enticing view of his deep, soft cleavage.

He steps into his pumps, pausing to lift one leg and adjust the shoe on his tiny foot, and then he runs a hand through his hair, tossing back over his shoulder, pausing to examine his long, wine red nails.  “Perfect,” “perfect,” “perfect” the women who pamper my poor sexy little boss say, making final checks.   He has an army of women to keep him pretty and stylish, shoppers, stylists, make-up artists, hair and jewelry consultants.   It was part of my dream for him to be totally pampered and prepped and primped, and as he puts a hand on a hip and walks toward me—his walk perfectly feminine thanks to his decorum coach–  I feel a thrill because I know that inside that gorgeous little package is the same a-hole who thought he was god’s gift to women, and he hates everything about his life now, and I am the one who did it, and he has no idea.

“Ready for the meeting Miss Goldenrod?”  I love calling him miss.  I know he hates it, but he had no choice to agree to the change in title—or at least, that’s what I’d made him believe.

He hides his annoyance behind a bright smile, just as he’d been trained to do.  “Absolutely,” he said in that little girl voice I’d stuck him with.  It still took all my will power not to laugh everytime I heard him squeak.

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