Brother Bewitched Trailer UP!

Check out the first trailer for my upcoming novel, Brother Bewitched!  It’s pretty awesome!

27 thoughts on “Brother Bewitched Trailer UP!

    1. Thank you for telling me about the brother bewitched and is there any other kindle books coming out sooner or later please.


      1. Try a different browser or check your settings. Not a techie, so those are the only solutions I know. it is there, so the problem is probably something to do with your browser or firewalls.


    1. When brother bewitched comes out will it be on amazon unlimited and any new trailers for brother bewitched out soon…. p.s. Any news of tg cooper making a sequel to warrior girls I love it a lot and hope that’s there going to be another story to it.

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      1. Hey. Brother Bewitched will not be on unlimited at first. Maybe January 2018. I keep meaning to make a new trailer for BB but haven’t been able to think of anything yet. Maybe soon. What else do you want to know about BB? It’s hard for me to think of more to say, though I am sure I could come up with something. As for Warrior Girls I don’t have any plans for a sequel now. It is one of my favorite stories, too. I just don’t have any ideas for more stories with those characters. Thanks! Let me see if maybe I can do a new trailer.


      2. Thank you for writing back so fast and sorry for asking if brother bewitched for amazon unlimited so soon that was rude.and about BB will there be more men turn into women king dukes barons or princes and Liking it so much they don’t want to turn back or being turned into elfs or becoming instantly or slowly pregnant just a thought.


      3. I do release most of my books on Unlimited at the same time I release them for sale, so I think it is a fair question. This one is different mainly in that it is longer– over 300 pages on Kindle, over 500 in print! So, that’s why I am trying a different strategy, I don’t want to give away too much, but there is one other male to female event in the book. Some of what you suggest could come to pass if i end up writing the sequel i have planned, but I am waiting to see sales. I did get inspired by your message to create the second trailer I promised! Hope you enjoy!!!!


      4. I am glad my review inspired you to make the second trailer and thank you for the second trailer and telling me there will be one more man being turn into a woman I wonder what kind of woman she will be.I can’t wait to read your book….ps is the reason men Would be queen was taken off was because a lot people did not like the story and ending.


      5. I took Men Who Would Be Down mainly because Brother Bewitched is a reworking of the characters and situation in those books. I liked the story, but i felt that it could have been better with more character development and Pattenia being less an evil witch sister and more of a fully rounded person. So, since i am now offering this new, in my mind improved version of the story, i took the old one down.


      6. I agree that pattenia was too evil as well as that barbarian king.The story will be better with you re-writing it.thank you for righting back and telling me why you got rid of that other book.oh by the can you tell me if all your books are on amazon if not can you give me a list of all the books wrote please.


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