Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys

Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls: Tips, Tales, & Teachings from the Dean of the World's First Cross-Dressing Academy by [Vera, Veronica]

Imagine a school where men go to learn all about doing their make-up from a professional cosmetologist.  Where they take classes on walking in heels, female voice and even ballet, where the teacher requires them to wear leotards and tights.

It sounds like something from Sandy Thomas Books, but Miss Vera is a very real person who runs a very real finishing school for boys right in NYC.

Why am I writing about it now, you ask?

Thank you for asking.

Because having just discovered this amazing school, I have enrolled and will be experiencing the Miracle Miss program in just a few days.  In addition to a full make-over– wig, make-up, clothes and heels, I will take classes in walking in heels and female voice.   Five hours of total immersion!

Miss Vera, if you have not heard of her, is a remarkable person who has written several books about what she does and who has been on the cutting edge of gender fluidity for many years.

Her academy includes Miss Vera, herself, as well as a variety of deans who all provide expertise in their areas or make-up, heels, wigs and other skills.

How good are these teachers, you ask?

Thank you for asking!

They are so good that as word spread about these classes, many women started inquiring on how they could sign up to learn to be more feminine!

I can’t say much more, of course, since I have  yet to have the experience, but I will be posting a full report on this amazing place at the end of the week.   In the meantime, if you are curious check out the website!

Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls

I’ll fill you in on all the secrets when I get back!

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