Help Me!!!!!

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(This is not me.   This is what I am feeling!)


I am looking for a few people to read and review my upcoming book, The Girl King.  Let me get right to the deal.  I offer you free, pre-publication access to my book.   You read it, and send back your reactions and thoughts, along with permission for me to use blurbs from your review to promote the book when it goes to publication.

Wait!  What if you hate it?  That’s okay.  I won’t use your blurbs, but I will appreciate your honesty.

If you want to read the book for free and be a part of my quest to bring gender bending fun to a larger audience, reply to this post, and we will take it from there.

If you want a little more information, read on!

The Girl King develops themes and characters I originally explored in a previous publication, The Men Who Would Be Queen.   However, as opposed to being an R-rated and pretty steamy story, The Girl King is written for a YA audience, so while there is the suggestion of sex at times, most of it happens off-screen.

This version explores what it is like for Serren to go from crown prince and swaggering embodiment of male privilege to younger sister, princess and someone with no power or influence.   It also explores how that changes his relationships with his family, friends and himself.  At over 300 pages, the relationships are much deeper, more fully developed, and the impact of Serren’s gender change much greater than in the previous version or any of my previous books.

Won’t you join me on my journey?  I would love to have you be one of the first to read this special story!

T.G. Cooper


17 thoughts on “Help Me!!!!!

  1. I will help! I love your books, and would love to help out. I’m 99.9% certain I’ll give you a good review too! 🙂 How do I give you my email?


    1. Hey, Jessica– so awesome to have you be a part of this! What I am going to try to do is send people links once it is ready via amazon Pre-sale. If that works the way I think it will, we won’t need to do email, which worries me due to compatibility risks! I will get back to you in a day or so with details! Thanks so much!


  2. I am totally interested. I love your work! I’m a rather fast reader so do expect constructive feedback in a fortnight.


  3. Hello, You may recall that I have posted reviews for a few of your fine books under a pen name, “Samuel Rafael”. I have just published a memoir, called “Remaining Samuel” and I was hoping that you might be interested in reading it. (I know you’re pretty busy writing books.)

    I could send you a pdf copy.

    …or, it’s available for a free Prime download at:

    Warm regards,


    1. I do remember you! I just downloaded the memoir, and I am excited to read it. I will post a review when done. Thanks so much for your willingness to read mine. I have put it on Amazon for pre-order, and when it is ready I will send the link!


  4. It would be my honor and pleasure to be one of the first readers of your soon to be published book, “The Girl King.” I’m actually tingling thinking about it. And…just for the record, I intend to ONLY read it when I’m dressed in my girl clothes, in private, from head to toe. Thank you for this generous offer AND thank you for all the wonderful literature you’ve created for the millions of males around the world who secretly share the pleasure of fully embracing the part of EVERY boy, deep within, that NEEDS to be a girl!


  5. I would love to be one of your first readers I like most of your stories and my favorite so far is warrior girls and I hope you will right a sequel to it maybe please I was sad of what happened to the princess maby she comes back.


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