Take a picture, push a button and you can see what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex. Sounds fun? It is. I have played with the APP a great deal, and have some tips and pointers below, but first here are some pictures of me making different facial expressions, and you’ll see that the APP is able to mirror those expressions during the morph.


As for tips. In all these photos I wore a wig. Without the wig, the APP either gave me no hair or else very weird hair. So, I put on a blonde wig, and it largely kept the wig hair as it appeared in the original photo, sometimes adding more volume.

In addition, in the top two pictures I put on a little make-up. Eye shadow, eyebrow liner, lipstick and powder. It was picked up by the APP, and especially in the side eye view (upper right) made a big difference.

lastly, I played with some accessories (hats). It pics up and keeps the hats, which is something fun to play with. Here is another hat look.


It’s a very fun app to play with, and if you get it I suggest playing with different lights and angles, wigs and hats and, if you have it, make-up looks. Of course, I also like to put these faces onto bodies, and if you are interested in seeing some of that work, check out my page on deviant art:

TG Caps and Pictures

Here’s a sample: