You Have To Admire The Speed

So, only two days after I triumphantly submitted my amazing, ground breaking gender bending project to Amazon, they rejected it with a “we’ll take a pass.”

Am I disappointed?  Of course.  I knew when I submitted it that the odds were very low, but of course I had some small hope that somehow a wacky idea from a guy with absolutely no experience would somehow make it through the gate keepers.  I thought I would get to live in that dream space for weeks or months, imagining myself being interviewed by Steven Colbert and saying, “It’s true.  I had  no experience at all, but I believed in myself and that was all it took!”

Well, it actually takes way more than that.  Disney lied to us!

So, what next?  More scripts, more submission and continued efforts to find an agent!  You need a gatekeeper to get past the gatekeepers.   Why?  Because they have the keys!

A few muses on various ideas and emotions I have been stirring around in my brain since finding out my show wasn’t getting anywhere at Amazon:

It has been my quirk in life to only find myself drawn to professions in which rejection is a constant and inevitable part of the experience: acting, comedy, writing, to choose any of these paths is to embrace a life up to your eyeballs in the fetid muck of “we’ll take a pass.”

Now, usually the rejections are generic and compassionately bland, but especially in the acting world you sometimes deal with cretinous people who feel a need to take a big steaming poop on you as they “take a pass.”  I have had people laugh at me, mock me, tell me to “go live your life.”  I have seen casting directors on the street and said “hi,” only to have them comment to the person next to them that I am “terrible.”  One casting director once compared to a serial killer.

(That same casting director, by the way, was on twitter a few weeks ago complaining that he didn’t even get health care in his job, and I thought–  karma!  Perhaps your lack of caring for others is just bouncing back on you!)

Okay.  Sometimes I do get bitter.  What do you want from me?

But I keep going.  That’s all I can do.  And I keep writing, and I put my own stuff out these because I live in an era where I can do that and reach readers who aren’t finding that the gatekeepers are making stuff for them.

And my message today to anyone out there reading is to do the same.  Next time you face rejection, just keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going.  Just make sure you never reject yourself.  Keep on loving yourself, and that rejection will only make you stronger.







One thought on “You Have To Admire The Speed

  1. I think the subject would definitely be pushing the envelope for the majority of people in Western society, and probably true even for some decades to come!
    As for the more personal rejections comments… there was (is) a recent comic series about a woman who ends up with some kind of weird demon thing inside her, that escapes and kills people (assholes) who mistreat her. The background material written that informs the comic is written by a woman who worked in the film industry for years, more often than not being mistreated, victimised and back-stabbed. Reading about her appalling experiences seems to strongly indicate that Hollywood in particular is a vicious and cruel place, with most people quite happy to stab others if they think it will get them ahead.
    So: don’t take it personally, and I think you’ve probably had a lucky escape from a toxic environment! Amazon, too, would have to watch carefully for public opinion and upsetting the masses: unlike a cable company. You’d probably do much better pitching it to indie film-makers (even little ones like Mako or Siren Tales).

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