Not One, But Two New Books!

I have released two new eBooks, people!  So excited to send these stories out into the world, I can’t tell you– wait.  I just did!

The first is the now complete story that began with The Men Who Would Be Queen now complete at 195 pages.  It tells the story of a first born son who, on the verge of ascending to the throne, finds himself transformed into a young woman.  Now the second born daughter, he finds himself forced to marry a savage warlord and pushed into the life of a woman and a wife.  Meanwhile, his sister plans to transform his kingdom into a matriarchy!

It was a blast to write, and it a dark fantasy with violence and R-rated sex.

Or, you can buy it through Lulu:

The second book is on the opposite extreme of the spectrum a PG-rated story that is not about men dealing with being women, but men being turned into airheaded girly girls.  This one follows the members of a burned out boy banned called The Joanus Brothers, who are slowly turned into a teen-age KPOP girl group.  Also, very fun to write, as the boys travel further and further into the world of CUTE.

There are free samples on Amazon.  Check ’em out, and I hope you enjoy the reads as much as I enjoyed the writes!

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