Celebrity Make-Over

It started when I saw a face swap of Justine Bieber put onto a woman’s body, and thought, that’s pretty good!  The artist had matched the skin tones, and Bieber looked very much

like a young woman in the picture.  I am too old to have ever paid much attention to Bieber, so I didn’t think much of it, but then I saw another and another and another, and I realized there was a whole world of people creating these kinds of images.  Here’s another:

justin bieber as bride by sonia008

I particularly enjoy this one because I feel the facial expression so perfectly matches the story that the pictures tells, and- well, it’s a wedding pic.  My feeling is that the Sheiber Phenomenon is driven by a couple factors. First, he has an androgynous face, with a pointy chin, and his face is already halfway there with the sculpted eyebrows and often bright lipstick.  This causes people to scan him as genderfluid and to want to explore that.  Second, he has a reputation for being a huge a-hole, and that makes people find extra amusement in the idea of him being feminized.

Of course, my initial thought was–  since I didn’t think of this trend, I will not participate, but then my will broke and I ended up creating a few Shieber pics of my own, including the following:

As I mentioned above, I like it when I feel the picture tells a story, and that particular facial expression on that particular body entices the viewer to fill in the narrative. Here’s another, which I first just did a make-over without doing the face swap, and then added a body:


Once I got into that, I couldn’t help but have a little fun with some other prominent celebrities.  Here are a few more:

The Jonas Brothers and Bieber together on a fake promo.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling face -swapped from La La Land.  I was surprised how butch Stone looked as the guy with very little effort on my part.

One thing I have found fascinating is how many men can be easily made to match female bodies with just some make-up effects and the softening effect of having their faces framed by long hair.  It certainly isn’t so easy in real life, as more than a few of my readers know, but it is somewhat fascinating to me to see what can be done with a minimal of digital plastic surgery, meaning I generally do not do nose jobs, shave chins of otherwise alter the structure of the faces.

I think it can be fun to imagine what different celebrities would look like and act like as the opposite sex.  When I create these I do not mean them as disrespectful in any way.  They are just playful explorations of gender and representation.

If you are interested in seeing more, you can find lots of pictures like this on Deviant Art, or else by doing web-searches. That’s how I found some of them!


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