The Secret Feminization

The Secret Feminization by [Princess, Chloe]

Just found a really fun new set of TG books and decided to share my good fortune with my readers.  The Secret Feminization features a spy who gets switched into the body of gorgeous young blonde bombshell, and soon finds himself pressured into going undercover as a sex-slave.

Now, so far, maybe that doesn’t sound all that different and unique.  However, two things caused me to really love this book. One, it is not what it sounds like, meaning the story doesn’t just turn into a series of sex-scenes.  In fact, the character has to deal with a lot of other aspects of being a woman, and when the sex scenes happen they come after long build ups that are as much about the male ego trapped in the gorgeous girl’s body as he experiences being dominated and forced to please another man.

Two, the story itself is actually as much a part of the spy novel genre as it is a TG story.  I always like it when the story has a cool plot and plays with other conventions, and this one does including plot twists, exotic settings, and a great deal of sexual tension between the various characters.

Lastly, the author keeps reminding us that the character considers himself a man, and was  man, so as he is dealing with his D-cups, his bras and heels, the story never loses sight of the fact that this is a man and even as his personality slowly starts to crumble and change as he spends more time as a woman, it is still and always forwarded that this is a man in that tight little dress, fussing over his mascara.

I do need to caution people that neither book truly stands alone, so if you start reading, you will come to a cliff-hangar and need to wait for the next book, but these are both lengthy novels that will give you plenty of reading enjoyment.

I personally am very eager to read more of Sam’s adventures!

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