New Book Now Available!

The new book, The Men Who Would Be Queen, is up!  Check it out on LULU:

Or, Amazon!

See a free sample below!










5 thoughts on “New Book Now Available!

  1. Thank you ! Actually, I was able to find it myself. And I like the title “Pretty the head that wears the Crown”
    Possibly you don’t like so much people iterating in former versions of your work, but don’t worry, I don’t mind to read the same things twice and I will appreciate the variations.


  2. Hello
    So, I’m back after reading “Pretty the head that wears the Crown”, that is very interesting. There is no doubt that Brother Bewildered is much more rich and polished and also fits better my sensibility. Still the early book has a rough appeal I have appreciated and a lot of well written scenes that are not in the later book. When you iterate on a story, it’s not just about polishing : it’s a new creaton with not so much common element.


    1. I started Pretty with the idea to write something that had the darker and more violent nature of Game of Thrones, though I didn’t get into as much political intrigue as I had planned. Then, the suggestion was made that the plot idea might make a good YA novel, which is what inspired Brother Bewitched, though I think I missed some of the elements of a true YA novel. I’d do somethings differently if I did it again. Anyway, at that time I had a big hope I would be able to bring TG fiction to a larger audience, but now I am just back to writing what I enjoy! And, hopefully, a few readers!


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