Let Me Bring Your Dreams To Life!


Hey, folks.  I want to bring your dreams to life!  Seriously.  I have recently had the pleasure of creating three different stories on commission, and I have enjoyed the experience so much that I have decided to make commissioned stories a regular part of my writing practice.

Do you have certain dreams or fantasies you would love to see brought to life in the form of a short story or novella?  A plot you would love to see explored? Please allow me!

Here’s how it would work.  You would sketch out the plot and characters as well as the preferred length.  This can be as detailed or as abstract as you prefer.  One of my collaborators wrote down a plot point by plot point synopsis with very specific scene requests.  Another just offered a couple sentences.  Both projects were a blast and turned out great!

Once I understand what you are looking for, I would then write out the story and send it to you for your thoughts, feedback and/or approval.  I would then revise as necessary based on any additional ideas or requests you have, and then you would have your story.

Right now, I would charge 5 cents a word and request the rights to distribute the story with you sharing in the author credit.  If you prefer to remain anonymous or would like a story just for your private enjoyment, we can work that out as well.

Now, my specialty is, of course, stories exploring gender identity in which characters experience sex-changes of various kinds. I am only interested right in writing stories that fall into the TG or genderfluid category.  I do have some things I am reluctant or unwilling to write about in this realm, but if you have any thoughts or ideas message me.  I will entertain your pitch without judgement.  I will only decline story ideas if I feel I am not going to be able to enthusiastically and passionately bring your vision to life!

Hope to hear from you! redbankmick@aol.com

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9 thoughts on “Let Me Bring Your Dreams To Life!

    1. Not bugging me at all. I love hearing from folks! I am not sure on the release date. I actually was thinking of not doing it after all because it felt like I was repeating some themes from previous work, but your message has me thinking I might just get back to it and release it after all. Thanks for writing and reading!


  1. I am back to working on the GOG! Your post got me inspired, and I read back through what I had written and got excited. It’s very different in that like GOT it is more sadistic and violent than my previous sword and sorcery stuff, and more complex! I think you will like it! I expect it done by mid to late August as I am writing a LOT!


    1. Awesome! I’m glad i can help! Okay, so now I’m going to be annoying, but is there any way I can get a sample of what to look forward to? I’m going to buy it regards 🙂


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