Game of Gowns

Cover Concept 1


Cover Concept 2

I have a new book underway, and I am very much obsessed with it to the point that I am dreaming about the characters and their lives, waking up with scenes in my mind that seem to have written themselves in the night.

As the title to this post suggests, the new stories owe something to Game of Thrones, specifically a desire to portray a TG story set in a more brutal fantasy world.  It begins with our hero, the rightful heir to the throne, betrayed, transformed into a woman and then given as bride to a brutal warlord.  Our hero, now given the name Delicatha, finds himself trapped in a woman’s body and a woman’s life with a stone age husband who considers him good primarily for providing sexual pleasure on demand.

Meanwhile, the usurpers who stole his throne, emboldened by their success and their new power begin to establish a matriarchy in his kingdom, driving rivals to begin plotting to overthrow these dangerous females who would upset the “proper” order of things.  Soon, boys will be girls and girls will be boys, and the lines between the sexes blur as all the kingdom is forced to play the Game of Gowns!

One thing that happens when I write is I will begin to also create artwork, and above you will see two rough ideas for covers I have been working on.  Both tell stories that will echo one of the primary themes explored in this novel: men who find themselves the conquests of other men, subjected and turned into female sex-objects.  I may choose one of these or neither, and any feedback would be great.  In any case, this will be a much more slutty book than I have written lately– or ever– but the sex will all serve to explore characters and identity.  How would a warrior and a man used to not just ruling other men but brutally killing them in armed combat react to find himself small, helpless, reduced to serving as the wife of another?

How does a man get power when all he has is his pretty smile?

I expect to have this one out by the end of the month, so hopefully one or two of you will read it and get as much pleasure out of the experience as I am getting out of writing it!


7 thoughts on “Game of Gowns

  1. The 1st seems more medieval fantasy; and in the 2nd, the barbarian looks so like the actor in the role who played Danaerys’s husband, you might get hit by a legal team!

    Love the concept: John Norman’s Gor series inspired the Zhor stories you might have seen, and several of those were quite long (and some illustrated, yum!). But if not, don’t look: do yours 1st so you’re not distracted/influenced by the others! 🙂 There was also IIRC an SF novel from the 80s where a body shift happened, trapping the male in the female telepath’s body in a primitive-society, but I’ve forgotten the name of the female author (buried on my bookshelves). It was a Daw book. Yours sounds luscious – can’t wait to read it!


    1. Thanks. Yeah. I will write this one up first and then check those out. I am hoping to mix some politics and familial relationship stuff as well, so it is going to be one of my more ambitious story attempts! Thanks for the pics as well. Hope all is good!

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    1. Hey, Dan– Yes. By the end of August. I almost abandoned it as I was worried I was only rehashing some themes from my previous work Princess King, but recently looking back at what I had written I realized this is a very different story, and I have been writing away, working hard to get it done. I think it is very hot and certainly one of the more complicated stories I have attempted!

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  2. I love the second cover.
    I think that your inspiration in a fantasy medieval setting could be dynamite, but about the matriarchy I am not so enthusiastic. Medieval settings are appealing because gender roles differences are strong, so if some faction blurs them with some modern egalitarian ideology, it seems out of place and spoil part of the fun, IMHO.


    1. Thanks. I find the stark differences appealing as well, so the story does begin with these very traditinal gender roles. But, as the books progress there is an effort to blur, but I am hoping i can keep the drama and interest because characters will continue to struggle against external and internal notions of what it means to be male or female. Anyway, this morphed into Brother Bewitched in the end. Did you read it?


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