TG: Reality vs Fiction

Am I bad for transgender rights?

I often ask myself this question before publishing an ebook.  It mostly comes up for me when I write about sex, and when the sex includes other themes such as domination and humiliation.  Which is a lot.

Are my books giving TG a bad name?  Do they make it seem like it’s all about sex rather than the full spectrum of human identity?

Do my books re-enforce the notion that TG is abnormal?

No.  I don’t believe so.

So, why do I worry about it?  Well, for one thing, it speaks to my own lingering sense of being abnormal.   The feeling that the fantasies that play in my mind, and which as far as I know came to be unbidden, are not right.

Of course, one of the books that did more than anything to make me feel less self-conscious about it was Fifty Shades of Grey.  I never read the book, and that’s not just me being coy.  But I know that it was a book that had mainstream appeal, was made into a movie and included a lot of s/m bondage play.

I’ve seen surveys that show role-playing and submission/domination are among the most common fantasies among people.

In other words, the very same themes that come up in genderfluid or TG fiction are the themes that come up in all people’s fantasies.  They are the norm.  They are normal. People love to fantasize about being a slutty secretary, or an uptight nurse who gets taken on an operating table by a hot doctor.  Just look at how people dress on Halloween.

What would actually be weird and abnormal would be a story in which the characters never did anything but sex in the missionary position for the purpose of pro-creation.  Now that would be fucking weird.

This isn’t to say that all TG folks are into any particular thing.  It is only to say that everyone is into something regardless of where they fall on the sexual identity spectrum. It is only that many of us are taught through religious institutions or otherwise that sex is bad, and that kinky sex will get us sent to hell.  So people hide it from the world, even from themselves.




4 thoughts on “TG: Reality vs Fiction

  1. I’ve not seen all your work, but magical transformation stories strike me more as “hypothetical, what if” stories, related to but not the same as actual transgender experience. I wrote a similar post about Hentai Futanari.


    1. I agree. My stories fall into the sci-fi/fantasy realm. The changes are the result of magic or advanced alien technology or …etc… Which clearly places them outside the realm of real world changes.


  2. About your post, ‘am I bad for transgender right ?’ I think you are not. Fantasy is fantasy and the fact some people like to be submissive in their dream or some real life situations doesn’t imply they give up their right, at a social and political level.
    All the contrary you express a basic right by writing fantasy any way you want, without deferring to any system of value. Not even the system of value of some activists that can be on your side, politically speaking. Definitively political correctness kills the fun and kills the art.
    You are a freedom warrior and I back you ! 😊😊😚


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